Will it be the end of the road for flat tyres?

Vehicle technology is constantly improving and now tyre manufacturers are reinventing the wheel to make punctures a thing of the past. This could be a gamechanger for taxi drivers and other motorists when it is expected to the roads in 2024. As with any business, if a taxi is off the road, it isn’t making […]

The cost of New Electric Vehicles vs Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

Soaring fuel prices and looming net-zero carbon targets mean more people are considering switching to electric vehicles sooner rather than later. As well as the environmental impact, EVs seemed to be the obvious choice for most drivers – until the cost of electricity shot up at the same rate as petrol and diesel. Apart from […]

Should Manchester’s Clean Air Zone only cover the city centre?

With just a month to go before Manchester has to submit its revised Clean Air Zone plan to the government, there are calls for it to be reduced by 95 per cent to only include the city centre. The original zone included all 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester, with thousands of taxi, bus, van and […]

Is a monthly Taxi Insurance Policy right for you?

As with standard car insurance, most taxi drivers take out annual cover and renew their taxi insurance policy every 12 months. But there are cases where policies can be taken out to provide cover for only weeks or months at a time. Taxi drivers who take out annual taxi insurance policies are given the choice […]