You spoke, we listened! Introducing our new Taxi Insurance Quick Quote!

Over the last few months we have had our ear to the ground, speaking to taxi drivers about their experiences getting private taxi insurance and public taxi insurance. We also ran a Twitter poll that posed the question: “How do you prefer to buy your Taxi Insurance?”

We gave the options of online, over the phone or face to face, to see exactly how customers would prefer to sort out their taxi insurance with us.

A Guide to choosing the right Taxi Insurance

Choosing taxi insurance needn’t be difficult, we have just the solution, here at Patons Insurance! Making sure that you have the appropriate cover to drive your taxi is simple with Patons; we provide insurance for all taxi drivers, regardless of whether you drive a public or private taxi.

We can help you to stay clear of any unnecessary, costly consequences by providing you with insurance advice.

A Taxi Drivers Guide to Driving Safely in Wet Weather

Working as a taxi driver allows you a certain amount of freedom, but one thing you have no say over is the weather. Come rain or shine you need to be on the road, ferrying passengers from A to B easily and efficiently.

When the heavens decide to open, you still have to carry on, unless the weather gets so perilous that you have no other option than to stop.

Telematics Poll

We are currently running a poll over on our Twitter page @PatonsTaxis. Get involved and give our page a follow!

Would you consider having a telematics box fitted to your taxi if good driving was rewarded with a discount to your insurance?

Which Taxi Insurance is Right for Me?

If you’ve decided to become a taxi driver in your local area and got to the point where you have been granted a 1 or 3 year Taxi Driver Licence, you will undoubtedly be keen to get started in your new profession.

The next stage is making sure that your chosen vehicle is licensed as a taxi for the road.

How does Commercial Taxi Fleet Insurance work?

Whether you have a fleet of taxis, minibuses, motorbikes, vans or HGVs, it can be a complicated procedure to get them insured individually.

Ideally, you should try and get one policy that will cover the entire fleet, making the whole coverage a lot easier to manage.