Taxi Fleet Insurance

Expert advice and tailored quotes for all your fleet insurance needs.

Large or small, we provide fleet insurance for Private hire, Public Hire taxis, Minibus and Chauffeur companies.

Whether you are an established business, been unfortunate enough to have had numerous claims or looking to insure a fleet for the first time, we can assist.

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The team at Patons has a wealth of experience in insurance and utilising the latest CCTV & TELEMATICS technologies to help provide you with tailored and bespoke Risk Management advice to assist you with the running of your Fleet.

We have specialist Fleet Teams located in our Glasgow, & Liverpool offices who can help with your Fleet enquiry. Start your free, no-obligation insurance quote right now by calling us on 0333 015 6886 or by completing the quote form.

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Benefits of insurance cover from Patons

  • Wide panel of specialist Fleet Insurers
  • Fleet policies for 2 vehicles and upwards
  • Excellent rates for established Fleets with good claims experience
  • Discounts for previously NCB rated policies
  • Tailored bespoke Risk Management advice
  • Expert individual service from experienced staff
  • Deal face-to-face or over the phone
  • Secure access to documents online
  • Flexible

    Monthly payments

  • Expert

    Individual service

  • 24/7

    Claims assistance

  • Tailored

    Risk assessment advice

Frequently Asked Questions about Taxi Fleet Insurance

Who are Patons Insurance and what kind of insurance do you offer?

Patons Insurance is a leading insurance broker which has been looking after taxi drivers and motor traders for over 60 years. We offer single vehicle taxi insurance, taxi fleet insurance and motor trade insurance.

Is taxi fleet insurance the best option if I have more than one taxi?

A taxi fleet insurance policy might be best for those with more than one vehicle, but we might be able to find a better deal another way. Our specialist Fleet Team will be able to help on 0333 015 6866.

Why do I need Taxi/Fleet/Motor Trade insurance?

Buying the right policy for your business is crucial as you need to ensure you are covered in the event of an accident, and to stay on the right side of the law.