How long do you spend waiting at traffic lights?

Traffic lights are a daily obstacle for drivers around the world, but where would we be without them? There are more than 33,000 traffic lights in the UK and it is estimated that drivers spend eight minutes a day waiting at red lights – that adds up two days a year. While it might seem […]

Keeping taxi drivers and passengers safe with cameras

There are few places you can go today without being picked up by an array of security cameras. Whether it is in a bank, shop, or just walking down the street, the average person is filmed about 70 times a day. Cameras are virtually everywhere. As well as commercial premises, millions of people have added […]

Flying taxis – are they the future?

Flying cars and flying taxis might seem more science fiction than real world, but they could be just around the corner. An entrepreneur in California says air taxis could be up and running ahead of the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028, helping beat the city’s chronic traffic jams. The city’s vast numbers of car parks […]

Taxis to the rescue as the games get under way

The 2022 Commonwealth Games get under way this week and industrial action on the railways is expected to cause severe disruption to those attending. Taxis might be the answer to make sure people get to the games on time. The opening ceremony takes place at the Alexander Stadium on Thursday, with RMT union members taking […]

Grab a cab to enjoy the summer holidays

After enduring two of the hottest days on record, it’s typical that the temperature drops and it starts raining as schools break up for the summer holidays. But don’t let the weather spoil your plans for the summer holidays. Whether you’re going to be jetting off, heading out on day trips, or enjoying nights out, […]

How long will fuel prices stay so high?

Rising prices at the pumps continue to fuel the UK’s surging cost of living – but there could be some good news around the corner. It is difficult to escape the rising cost of living. Businesses including taxis drivers and taxi fleets have seen immediate and sharp rises in the cost of fuel for their […]