Taxi insurance

Competitive taxi insurance for Private and Public Hire vehicles.

Here at Patons Insurance, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our clients have the most suitable policy. If you’re looking for taxi insurance that provides you with the best cover, for the best price, you’re in capable hands!

We have access to a wide panel of specialist insurers, allowing us to offer highly competitive insurance quotes to taxi drivers across the UK.

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Competitive taxi insurance

If you don’t want to pay for your insurance in one payment, we can provide policies where the premium is spread across the year as equal monthly instalments, allowing you to budget your money effectively.

Like any of the services we specialise in at Patons Insurance, our private and public hire insurance is tailored to accommodate even the most diverse demands. Instead of searching tirelessly for quotes, why not let Patons do all of the hard work for you? We make sure that taxis are properly covered and protected, should you be involved in an accident.

The cost of the policy takes into consideration the fact that taxi drivers cover more mileage than any other domestic vehicle. When looking for private or public hire insurance, be mindful that you’re driving during peak times and throughout the evening, therefore you need to choose a policy that works best for you.

We make sure that you find the appropriate level of cover, providing you with the peace of mind that your vehicle is fully insured.

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Why use Patons Insurance?

There are many ways you can benefit from taking a policy out with Patons Insurance, these include:

  • Wide range of taxi insurers to choose from
  • Exclusive rates
  • Suitable schemes for public and private hire
  • Quotes for all public hire, MPV’s and private hire vehicles
  • Rates for single, fleets and multi-vehicle policies
  • Flexible monthly payments
  • Public liability and taxi breakdown policies available (optional)
  • Expert advice and support
  • Face-to-face or over the phone communication
  • Secure access to insurance documents online
  • 24/7 claims assistance.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Taxi Insurance

What is Taxi Insurance?

Taxi insurance covers a driver and their vehicle when operating for Hire & Reward – they cannot legally operate without it.

How does taxi insurance differ from an ordinary car insurance policy?

Public hire insurance and private hire insurance are more expensive than insuring the same vehicle for domestic use only. This is because they spend more time on the road at times, in areas of higher risk, and they are being used for business.

In the event of an accident, an insurer will have to consider the taxi, the driver, any passengers and property, as well as any third-party vehicles involved.
Domestic insurance policies do not cover a vehicle to be used as a taxi.

What levels of cover are available?

As with domestic vehicles, taxi insurers typically provide three levels of cover - third party, third party, fire and theft and fully comprehensive.

The legal minimum requirement is third-party cover, which all drivers have to take out in order to operate a taxi.