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Insure your private hire taxi with Patons Insurance.

Private Hire Taxi Insurance is for all drivers of taxis that must be pre-booked.

We have access to a wide panel of specialist insurers, allowing us to offer highly competitive insurance quotes to private hire taxi drivers across the UK.

What is Private Hire Taxi Insurance?

Private Hire Taxi Insurance, also referred to as Hire & Reward Insurance, offers cover specifically designed for taxi drivers in the UK who transport pre-booked passengers in exchanges for payment.

If you work as a taxi driver for a ride-hailing platform such as Uber or Bolt, it is essential to have private hire taxi insurance cover. The extent of the coverage depends on the insurance level you opt for, which can offer protection for you, your vehicle, your passengers and other individuals along with their belongings.

No matter where in the UK you are, it is essential that all drivers licensed to carry for hire and reward are covered by private hire insurance.

As a taxi driver, you must worry not only about your own road usage but also about the risks that other drivers pose. Being covered by a full private hire insurance policy will cover you from risks that all drivers could face.

Types of Private Hire Taxi Insurance

Paton’s private hire insurance includes three policy types.


Comprehensive insurance is recommended for all taxi drivers and will cover drivers in all accident scenarios.

Third-Party, Fire and Theft

Third-Party, Fire and Theft will cover a taxi driver if any damage is made to another vehicle or if another driver claims against them, however, offers no cover for the driver’s vehicle.

Third-Party Only

Third-Party is the lowest cover of insurance a taxi driver can get.

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Why use Patons Private Hire Taxi Insurance?

There are many ways you can benefit from taking a policy out with Patons Insurance, these include:

  • Wide range of taxi insurers to choose from
  • Exclusive rates
  • Suitable schemes for public and private hire
  • Quotes for all public hire, MPV’s and private hire vehicles
  • Rates for single, fleets and multi-vehicle policies
  • Flexible monthly payments
  • Public liability and taxi breakdown policies available (optional)
  • Expert advice and support
  • Face-to-face or over the phone communication
  • Secure access to insurance documents online
  • 24/7 claims assistance.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Private Hire Insurance

What types of Taxi Insurance are there?

Different types of Taxi Insurance including Private Hire Insurance, Public Hire Insurance, Minibus Insurance, Taxi Fleet Insurance and Chauffeur Insurance.

As well as having the appropriate insurance in place, your vehicle must be licensed by the local licensing authority.

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What insurance do you need for private hire?

You will need Private Hire Taxi Insurance in order to work as a private hire taxi driver.
We can help you out with a quote on your private hire taxi. Give your local office a call or visit our quote page.

How much is Private Hire Insurance in the UK

There are many factors that insurance companies consider when offering a Private Hire Insurance quote. Things such as licensing authority, taxi driving experience and claims & convictions are some of the factors that can influence the price of your insurance quote.

How can I get cheaper Private Hire Insurance?

One way to reduce the cost of private hire insurance is to build up your driving experience and avoid adding any claims and convictions to your record. These factors will help you build up your no claims bonus, something many insurers will take in to account when offering you a private hire insurance quote.

What is the difference between Private Hire Taxi Insurance and Public Hire Taxi Insurance?

Public hire insurance is for taxis that can be flagged down in the street and do not have to pre-booked, whereas private hire taxis must be pre-booked through an operator or app.

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Is Private Hire Insurance different from Uber Insurance?

Both private-hire and Uber drivers are licensed in the same way as advanced bookings only and the insurance is the same for both.

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Does my Taxi Insurance policy include Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Cover protects taxi drivers in the event that a passenger is injured in a crash, their belongings are damaged or for any resulting legal costs

Some companies automatically include Public Liability as part of their cover, but it is often an optional extra.

Can I get insurance if I have no taxi experience?

We can offer cover for first-time taxi drivers with no prior experience.