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Patons Insurance gives private hire taxi driver peace of mind.

Private hire taxi driver Raymond Woods has been a Patons Insurance customer for several years and is pleased with the service he receives.

He has been a private hire driver for 10 years and knows how important having the right insurance is to protect himself and his business.

Founded by taxi drivers, Patons knows the industry inside out and understands what matters to drivers, whether they have black cab insurance, private hire insurance, taxi fleet insurance or chauffeur insurance.

Raymond, who works in the Monklands area and is licensed by North Lanarkshire Council, has renewed his private hire insurance policy through Patons again – not just because of the level of protection and reassurance it offers.

He said: “I’ve been looked after and I like to go back to the same broker to see what they can offer me for the coming year. I got a good deal and they go through everything with you so you know exactly what you are getting – they don’t confuse you with jargon or try to hide things in the small print.

“I like the fact that they give you just the cover you ask for and there is no hard sell.

“It’s also easy to pick up the phone if you need to check something or change something and you can head into the office to see someone. It’s in a great location as well and is easy to get to – you don’t get stuck in traffic.

“You can nip in and out and get what you need. They really look after you and are friendly and approachable. It’s good to be able to speak to them face to face and you get to know who’s looking after you.”

As well as the convenience and comprehensive levels of taxi insurance cover offered through taxi insurance brokers like Patons, Raymond is not afraid to shop around to get a good deal. But he said cheapest doesn’t mean the best.

“People offer all sorts of prices, but you really don’t know what you’re getting and don’t know how good they are until you need them. With your livelihood at stake, you can’t afford to be off the road or be paying huge accident related repair bills that aren’t covered by cheaper premiums.

“With Patons, I know exactly where I am and it’s worth it for that peace of mind. And coming back again and again, they do look after you well.”

Patons’ goal is to offer taxi insurance policies that meet clients’ needs at a price they are happy with. Staff focus on making sure that insuring their taxi is easy as possible, allowing them to concentrate on doing what they do best.

As well as contacting Patons by phone, social media, or the website, the Patons Insurance App is a secure online portal that allows taxi drivers to manage their insurance 24 hours a day.

And Patons has offices in Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Newcastle and Tottenham where taxi drivers can drop in and discuss their insurance needs face to face, whether they are existing customers or are looking to take out their first policy.

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