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Mini Fleet Insurance is a term used to describe insurance which covers a small number of vehicles on a single insurance policy. It’s not an official insurance term but is widely used within the industry.

Mini Fleet Insurance is usually designed for smaller businesses typically insuring less than 5 vehicles. These types of insurance policies can be set up as a multi vehicle risk, where the policy attracts and discounts for No Claims Bonus (NCB), or some Mini Fleet’s are rated on their fleet history, like a large Fleet policy typically would be.

We can arrange cover for Mini Fleets at competitive rates and they can be rated on a fleet policy basis or as a No Claims Bonus (NCB) related policy. For small businesses, Mini Fleet Insurance offers a level of protection when managing fewer vehicles as opposed to a larger fleet.

Compare Mini Fleet Insurance with Patons

At Patons Insurance, we can take care of the comparison process for you. We have a dedicated team of experts in fleet insurance broking who work with a range of insurers across the UK to find the best policies for our customers.

Having the right cover in place is crucial for protecting your business in the event of an accident. We’re a family business first, and we have been servicing the taxi industry for over 50 years. We have long-standing relationships with a panel of reputable insurers across the UK, so you can rely on us to find a suitable policy for you.

Our goal is to give our customers peace of mind on the roads. With 8 offices based in key regions throughout the UK, we’re never too far away. We pride ourselves on being local people with unrivalled, local knowledge, providing industry-recognised excellent service. Our customers on Feefo agree and have rated us an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars, as well as awarding us the highest possible service award for the past 5 years.

Fleet rated and NCB rated policies for Mini Fleets

We can arrange Fleet rated and No Claims Bonus rated policies for our mini fleet customers.

If you choose to be rated as a fleet:

Each vehicle is covered under the same policy and has one renewal date. Additionally, the vehicles are generally rated at the same price. You have the flexibility to easily add and remove vehicles from your policy, which takes much less time than adding and naming new drivers to the fleet.

If you choose to be rated as NCB:

Each vehicle has its own separate No Claims Bonus but the renewal date remains the same. This approach may be most cost-effective, as you could receive a multi-vehicle discount on your mini fleet and you also benefit from not having to track multiple renewal dates.

Benefits of Mini Fleet Insurance cover from Patons

  • Wide panel of specialist Mini Fleet Insurers
  • Mini Fleet policies for 2 – 5 vehicles
  • Excellent rates for established Fleets with good claims experience or No Claims Bonus
  • Discounts for previously No Claims Bonus rated policies
  • Tailored bespoke Risk Management advice
  • Expert individual service from experienced staff
  • Deal face-to-face or over the phone
  • Secure access to documents online

Flexible Monthly payments

ExpertIndividual service

24/7Claims assistance

TailoredRisk assessment advice

Frequently Asked Questions about Mini Fleet Insurance

How can I reduce the cost of my Mini Fleet Insurance?

There are a number of ways to keep your insurance costs lower:

1. Specify Drivers: Name your drivers instead of going for 'Any Driver' cover. Prices drop based on the driving restrictions you choose.
2. Secure Your Vehicle: Ensure your vehicle is safely locked away, like in a secured compound.
3. No Claims Bonus: Work on increasing your No Claims Bonus (NCB). A higher NCB means a lower insurance quote.

Can I pay for my Mini Fleet Insurance policy in instalments?

Here at Patons, we offer the ability to pay in 2/3/6/10/11 monthly instalments. This may be an option if you wish to budget your financials.

What happens once I have taken out a Mini Fleet Insurance policy?

After Insuring your mini fleet through us, our Fleet Support Team will send you an email containing essential documents, including certificates and confirmation of necessary paperwork, such as proposal forms.

You will also receive our policy procedures which will explain the steps on how to make changes to your policy and a payment schedule if applicable.

What types of vehicles can be covered under Mini Fleet Insurance?

The list of vehicles that can be covered under Mini Fleet Insurance is extensive. Some examples include courier and delivery vehicles, coaches, minibuses, HGV and vans, tradesman vehicles, agricultural vehicles and much more.

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