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Private hire driver exposes cheating couple

Private hire kiss mark

A private hire taxi driver has sparked debate after she claims to have exposed an affair by taking a cheating man and his mistress back to his home – just moments after his wife and children had waved him off.

The incident happened in Dallas after an Uber driver who gave her name as Roni shared a video on TikTok, warning others that the alleged behaviour would not be tolerated in her private hire taxi.

In a video which has been viewed more than eight million times, Roni told TikTok viewers that she picked up the man from his home, with his wife and children standing outside the house to wave goodbye. As the journey began, the private hire driver says he added an extra stop to the fare – and picked up a woman who had luggage with her – as well as changing the destination of the Uber ride.

They kissed as the woman got into the car and Roni knew exactly what was going on. She said: “They continued to talk, and this, that, and the other, and she says ‘you know I’m tired of you putting me off. When are you going to leave your wife?’”

While Roni initially felt it wasn’t her business and was going to ignore what was going on, it was his response to his alleged lover that led to her taking a stand. Roni said the man brushed off the question, saying he had a lot going on and they would talk about it another time.

Apparently disgusted by his attitude towards both women, Roni turned her private-hire taxi around and went straight back to the man’s home and ordered both passengers out. She drove off leaving them both standing there with their bags and a lot of explaining to do.

Roni said: “There is nothing worse than a dog – female or male. Pull that in my car, and you’re going to get done like that. Be better people, do better in life.

“It didn’t end well for him today, I’m sure, because both of them had their baggage, and both of them were standing in his front yard when I left.”

There have been mixed responses to Roni’s actions, with some saying she shouldn’t have got involved, while others have praised her for taking a stand.

Roni said: “This is my car. I work for myself. I am an independent contractor. If I choose to end your ride, it’s my choice.

“If you are doing something crappy in my car, I have the right to handle it however I see fit.”

Private hire drivers are entitled to end a fare if there is something they are unhappy with, such as threats or abuse, damage to their vehicle, or hate crimes. They are also within their rights not to accept a fare in the first place, usually for similar reasons.

But it is unusual to hear of a private hire or public hire driver cutting short a fare because they didn’t approve of a passenger’s choices.

In this case, it seems that Roni was initially going to turn a blind eye to the alleged cheating couple and take them to the destination he had booked. Being unfaithful to his wife was one thing, but it was the way he appeared to dismiss his mistress’ question about when he would leave his family that Roni decided enough was enough.

If you had a cheating couple in your cab or private hire car, what would you do?

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