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Back to school with the help of Taxi drivers

Taxi drivers help with back to school

Being stuck in traffic can be one of the most infuriating experiences on the roads for Taxi drivers. But, whether you are battling the school run, commuting to work, or are a professional such as a taxi driver, the most important thing to do is keep calm.

As schools return next week after the summer break, we are gearing up for more traffic and madness on the roads.

There are several reasons the school run causes problems for traffic in towns and cities across the country, often bringing roads to a standstill.

The AA reports that travelling by car has been the usual way to school for 34% of children in England aged five to 16.

Problems arise because everyone arrives at the same time and tries to get as close to the school as possible.

Despite initiatives such as walking or cycling to school, it is a difficult cycle to break because many parents drive to work anyway and drop off their children on the way.

And after six weeks of relative peace on the roads, next week’s school run is expected to be worse than other times as it is the start of a new school year. There will be many children going to a new school with new travel route, and with the summer holidays finally over, it’s back to work and back to the office for most parents and the roads are likely to be even busier.

While the school run blights our roads twice a day and people do their best to avoid it, for professionals such as taxi drivers, it goes with the job. They spend their working day on the road and need to get from one place to the next and deliver passengers safely and on time. They know the routes and times to avoid, but when they do get stuck, there is no point getting frustrated.

They know that they can only move as quickly as the cars in front of them and getting worked up about it doesn’t get them to their destination any faster. Nor does it make their passenger’s journey any more pleasant.

As we continue to maintain and improve standards across the taxi industry, by remaining calm and professional, public hire and private hire drivers will make the experience more pleasant for passengers, wherever they are going and however long it takes.

Keeping everyone safe on the roads is the top priority for taxi drivers who also need to be extra vigilant as scores of young people are crossing roads suddenly and sometimes without looking. Irrespective of fault, no driver would want to be involved in a collision with a pedestrian, especially a child.

As always, taxi drivers will have to expect the unexpected and be ready to act quickly if an excited child steps out without thinking or looking, or isn’t used to crossing busy roads.

Taxi drivers must also pay particular attention near school bus stops and outside schools and colleges, whether they are passing by or are stopping to collect or drop off a fare. For some families, taxis are the only means they have of getting children to school and they become a lifeline for their education.

Keeping everyone safe and keeping passengers happy is something taxi drivers do every day.

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