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Telematics Poll Results

Thanks to everyone who took part in our recent telematics poll. After looking at the results we are highly encouraged by the number of Taxi Drivers who are willing to use technology to improve driving and save money.

We have another poll running at the moment asking the question “What percentage of discount would be required to allow a Telematics box to be fitted to your Taxi?”, please feel free to contribute and let us know your thoughts below.

Automakers have been using telematics technology to develop systems that monitor vehicles in motion. They have also been developing increasingly sophisticated sensors that detect a vehicle approaching road signs. Insurers have taken a keen interest in these developments and designed systems that enable them to track a driver’s performance. When you sign up for your insurance company’s telematics program, they’ll install a device that integrates with your vehicle’s technology, allowing them to monitor how well you’re driving, following road rules, and obeying speed limits.

The Patons App lets you view the driving scores of your vehicle, or the vehicles in your fleet.  Individual driving scores are awarded for acceleration, braking and speed and displayed as red, amber or green.   The scores can be viewed instantly for the previous day, week or month along with the number of journeys, hours driving and miles travelled. Everything you need in one place.

Benefits of Telematics

  • Monitor driving style to help lower insurance premiums
  • Safer driving reduces chances of being involved in a collision
  • Less erratic driving saves fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle

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