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Dashcams are the best for taxi insurance

Dashcams camera in windscreen

Fitting dashcams could help taxi drivers run their business successfully, the last thing they need is to divert time and effort into dealing with an insurance claim, especially if they were not at fault.

Having dashcams in a taxi provides real-time video evidence of what happened and will help speed up even a straightforward taxi insurance claim. Having video evidence of an incident will help the insurer get to the bottom of what happened and the taxi can be repaired and back out on the road as quickly as possible.

In the event of a collision with other vehicles or pedestrians, as well as dealing with the damage to their own vehicle, taxi drivers do not want to have to pay out for third parties because the claim cannot be resolved or has been settled because there isn’t clear evidence showing that they are not liable.

As well as the time and hassle involved, taxi insurance premiums can also increase if a claim is settled or goes against a driver – purely because they cannot prove they were not at fault.

This is why in the event of a crash or a claim, a dashcam could be a taxi driver’s best friend.

They have become the modern independent witnesses and are already fitted in millions of cars across the country.

Having a recording of an incident will help a taxi driver in the event of any dispute or uncertainty regarding liability.

It could also protect them in the event of someone being seriously injured and a criminal investigation being launched.

As well as clearing up any uncertainty over who was responsible for a collision, dashcams can also protect taxi drivers against fraudulent claims, often referred to as crash-for-cash scams, in which it is often professional drivers who are targeted by criminal gangs who cause a collision and claim huge sums for faked injuries, loss of earnings and compensation.

There have also been incidents recorded of pedestrians faking falls in front of taxis or walking into vehicles, pretending to have been hit by them and seeking an insurance payout.

While many drivers accept that a dash-cam can help them in the event of a dispute, some are also worried that it might highlight their own bad habits and are reluctant to have them installed.

But having a dash-cam fitted to your taxi shows an insurance company that you are willing to have your driving scrutinised and they could look favourably on drivers when it comes to taxi insurance premiums.

It shows insurers that the driver regards their driving as of a high enough standard that they are prepared to let others monitor it if necessary.

Some insurers might even offer discounts to taxi insurance quotes based on having a dashcam fitted.

Knowing that your driving is being recorded might also help you to maintain higher standards, something that is not only good for your business, but for the industry as a whole.

Many dashcams also have parking monitors which start recording in the event that a vehicle is hit while parked and the driver responsible has left the scene without leaving their details.

With the cost of vehicles and parts rising, the cost of insurance claims will also follow. Having your taxi fitted with a dashcam will help protect the driver in the event of a crash or claim against them.

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