Clean Air Zones

Waze app for taxi drivers

Waze app making life easier for taxi drivers

Roads and traffic can change in an instant and taxi drivers need to be on top of their game to reach and drop off passengers safely and on time.

There are many sat-navs and navigational apps to help drivers reach their destination, as well as trying to avoid long delays in traffic.

Clean Air Zones Under Review Sign

Some taxis could be banned under new clean air zone plan

Greater Manchester has submitted its revised Clean Air Zone plan to the government and wants to ban taxis not licensed locally in a bid to improve air quality.

As well as reducing pollution, the move to ban taxis licensed outside Greater Manchester is part of a wider plan to improve the regulation of taxis in the region.

Sign showing Manchester Clean Air Zone under review

Manchester’s Clean Air Zone

With just a month to go before Manchester has to submit its revised Clean Air Zone plan to the government, there are calls for it to be reduced by 95 per cent to only include the city centre.

The original zone included all 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester, with thousands of taxi, bus, van and lorry drivers and businesses facing eye-watering charges for driving anywhere in the region from May 30.

Light on top of Private Hire Taxi

How do I start a private-hire taxi business?

Whether you are new to taxi driving or are an experienced driver who wants to take the next step, there are some key points to setting up a private-hire taxi business.

It can seem complicated at first, but the most important thing to remember is that it is a business in a regulated industry and it has to be run properly.

Private Hire Hyundai IONIQ Front End

The top five best cars to use as private hire taxis

When private hire taxi drivers are looking for their next vehicle, there are several key factors they have to take into account.

As well as taking out private hire taxi insurance, wherever they operate, drivers need to consider that the future of private hire is going to be green. They need to choose something that will help reduce running costs and is better for the environment.

Car exhaust clean air

Clean Air Zone delay for Manchester

As the government continues its drive to improve air quality across towns and cities, the brakes have been put on plans for Greater Manchester’s Clean Air Zone after a backlash from road users, including taxi drivers, saying the May 30 deadline was unachievable.

black cabs on taxi rank

Clean Air Zones affect taxi drivers in the UK

Clean air zones are being rolled out in towns, cities and regions in a bid to cut pollution. But the drive to keep more-polluting vehicles off the roads could hit taxi drivers in the pocket.

Drivers are being faced with the choice of passing on to customers the daily charge for each Clean Air Zone (CAZ) they enter, or switching to cleaner, greener vehicles which are exempt from CAZ charges.