Taxi drivers should be careful with their tyres this winter

It is easy to overlook tyres when it comes to maintaining a car but as taxi drivers know, they are one of the most important parts of a vehicle, especially in the winter.

As we endure longer nights and bad weather, no one wants to be stuck at the side of the road in the cold and wet.

Tips for Minimising Risks and Insurance Claims

The motor insurance industry takes two main factors into account when calculating insurance premiums – the risk and the cost of paying out a claim.

We recently looked at how the soaring cost of vehicle parts was pushing up the price of repairs and making taxi insurance and other business motor insurance claims more expensive.

MoT: Which cars are most likely to fail?

When taxi drivers buy a new vehicle, reliability is one of the key things they look for both for now and in the future.

But it is only when they get an expensive repair bill – on top of taxi insurance and running costs – and have to wait for their vehicle to pass its MoT retest to get it back on the road that they might question their choice of car.

Taxi Base Insurance: What do you need to know?

Although you must have taxi insurance to operate legally in the UK, there are other types of insurance needed to run a taxi business.

And, typically, the bigger the operation, the more cover is needed to protect staff, passengers and the entire operation.

Taxi Insurance: The Levels of Cover Available

Whether it is a holiday, wedding or heading home after a night out, people turn to taxi drivers to get them to and from events and venues safely.

Taxi drivers are the most versatile professionals on the road, never knowing where the next fare will take them.

Insurance tips for taxi drivers amid rising costs

As the cost of living continues to increase, there are steps taxi drivers can take to reduce their taxi insurance premiums.

The rising cost of domestic car insurance made headlines recently after the Association of British Insurers revealed that soaring repair costs pushed the average vehicle premium to £511 – 21% higher than this time last year.