Always put vehicle safety ahead of savings

Taxi drivers are being urged not to risk vehicle safety when it comes to car maintenance as we all continue to feel the pinch. The call comes as the cost of living continues to rise and soaring fuel prices mean it costs more to keep taxis on the road. The majority of taxi drivers run […]

Do you need lessons to learn how to drive Electric Vehicles?

As drivers gear up to make the switch to electric vehicles, many are focusing on the cost, range and charging points of the green motors. But there are also some key differences in the way an EV and a petrol and diesel car are driven, and it makes sense for people to consider taking lessons […]

How can I lower my taxi insurance?

We all look to make savings where we can and there are things you can do to reduce your taxi insurance. But it is worth remembering that cheap taxi insurance doesn’t mean it’s the best policy for you. Taxi insurance companies look to reward good drivers with lower premiums so those who have not had […]

Patons top 5 tips for driving in the dark

Whatever vehicle you drive, driving in the dark can be dangerous. Whether it’s late at night or first thing in the morning, no matter how well you might think you know a particular road, junction or dual carriageway; at this time of year it will now pose a completely new set of challenges. So, as […]

Patons top 5 tips for winter driving

Being a taxi driver during the winter months is a tough job. With long dark nights, freezing temperatures and bad weather conditions, as well as busy roads, especially in the lead up to Christmas, its no wonder our vehicles and our driving is challenged. With more accidents and breakdowns reported than at any other time […]