Practical ways fleets can reduce taxi insurance spend

We often hear advice about how taxi drivers can reduce their taxi insurance premiums, but when it comes to taxi fleet insurance, a different approach is needed to make savings.

Insurance companies calculate taxi insurance premiums based on risk and how likely it is they will have to pay out in the event of a claim.

Who is covered by a taxi fleet insurance policy?

Taxi insurance regulations clearly distinguish between different types of taxi businesses being operated, with public hire insurance needed for black cabs and private hire insurance for PHVs. For a self-employed driver who runs their own car, the differences are straightforward, and each driver must ensure their own vehicle is covered for the type of taxi

Patons wants to support taxi base owners as Government unlikely to meet EV charging target

Taxi drivers need one thing to make the switch to EV – to be sure that it will do at least what their current petrol or diesel cab will do. Anything less isn’t worth bothering with.

In simple terms, they want something with a decent range and can charge up whenever they need to so they can be on their way again in a matter of minutes.

Taxi boss wants black cabs and PHVs to be treated equally

Plans for a £36 million city-centre pedestrianisation scheme have come under fire from private hire taxi drivers who would be banned from the area, while black cabs would still be allowed to operate.

And STV News reports that Edinburgh Council could face legal action from at least one private hire boss who called the decision to ban PHVs “ludicrous”.

Uber & BP Partnership is a major step towards electrifying the taxi fleet

The lack of fast and reliable EV charging points has been one of the biggest barriers stopping taxi drivers from making the switch to electric.

Drivers of black cabs and private hire vehicles need to spend more time on the road than they do charging their vehicles in order to earn a living.

Why Taxi Drivers Are Flocking To Price Comparison Websites!

According to the office of national statistics, there are approximately 330,000 taxi drivers in the UK – so it is no surprise they are all flocking to price comparison websites to save money on their taxi insurance!

Just like most things in the UK, the taxi insurance market is changing.