Always put vehicle safety ahead of savings

Taxi drivers are being urged not to risk vehicle safety when it comes to car maintenance as we all continue to feel the pinch. The call comes as the cost of living continues to rise and soaring fuel prices mean it costs more to keep taxis on the road. The majority of taxi drivers run […]

Do you need lessons to learn how to drive Electric Vehicles?

As drivers gear up to make the switch to electric vehicles, many are focusing on the cost, range and charging points of the green motors. But there are also some key differences in the way an EV and a petrol and diesel car are driven, and it makes sense for people to consider taking lessons […]

A quicker way to turn black cabs green

Switching from trusted diesel black cabs to an electric vehicle causes a dilemma for taxi drivers – when do they swap something that is reliable and has plenty of life left in it and shell out for an electric taxi? With the ban on the sale of new diesel and petrol taxis from 2030, drivers […]

Electric Vehicles are starting to go the distance

The range of electric vehicles has been one of the biggest factors putting people off buying them, especially those who rely on them for a living, like taxi drivers. While even the least-economical petrol and diesel cars can deliver 400-500 miles per tank, many suitable electric vehicles have been delivering ranges of below 200 miles, […]

Helping drivers choose the right taxi insurance

Choosing the right insurance is vital for keeping your taxi – your livelihood – on the road. It is natural that drivers look for the cheapest quote when taking out or renewing their taxi insurance because no one likes paying more than they have to. And with the cost of living rising, it makes sense […]

Teaming up to do the best for our community

Patons are thrilled to announce its partnership with Argyle Satellite Taxis – another business proud to support its community. Patons treats every client as individuals, each with specific needs and circumstances. Whether it is a self-employed driver or a firm with a fleet of vehicles, we make sure that they have the right taxi insurance […]