National taxi standards would protect vulnerable passengers

National taxi standards designed to protect the most vulnerable would improve services for all cab and PHV passengers. With a focus on safety and accessibility, the Government says it is committed to introducing national minimum standards for the taxi and private hire vehicle industry, following a written question by Shadow Minister for Transport, Simon Lightwood.

Greener vehicles could be the key to city’s Clean Air Zone, not charging

Manchester’s Clean Air Zone plan could see millions of pounds made available for greener taxis and commercial vehicles, while no one will be charged or fined for driving on the region’s roads in older, more polluting vehicles.

Huge public backlash led the region’s leaders to do a U-turn over the original plans.

How do you deal with fare dodgers?

Taxi drivers earn their living by taking passengers from one place to another. When a refuses to pay, surely it is theft. But, for some reason, some people view it differently to someone stealing an item from a shop.

Now one taxi driver wants more to be done about the growing problem.

Taxi drivers need better Knowledge to keep passengers safe

Officials have put the brakes on plans to scrap the Knowledge test for taxi and private hire drivers in Bury and have instead updated it to improve safety. Bury Council had considered removing the Knowledge test from its licensing process following claims it is outdated and unnecessary. Opponents felt instead that taxi and private hire

Out-of-town PHVs can’t avoid council’s ‘rigorous checks’

A council says it is keeping a close eye on thousands of private hire taxi drivers who are registered with it but could be working hundreds of miles away. City of Wolverhampton Council had faced a backlash from some authorities for licensing almost 9,000 private-hire drivers working in Manchester, and 300 operating in the capital.

How to Claim on Taxi Insurance After an Accident

Having taxi insurance that will take care of repairs and quickly get a cab back on the road gives many taxi drivers huge peace of mind.

But if you are involved in a collision, there are steps you have to take to make sure your insurance claim goes smoothly and you won’t be left with any expensive surprises.