Will commuters turn to e-scooters instead of taxis?

The journey to work seems to get worse each day and commuters are trying to find new ways to beat the queues, with one in five turning to e-scooters instead of taxis and their own cars. This could be good news for the drive to reduce emissions and improve air quality.

Gulf widens between number of PHV drivers and cabbies in London

The number of private hire drivers in London continues to rise and there are now five times more PHV drivers than black cab operators – but both groups have people driving in their 90s! The latest Transport for London figures show the gulf between black cabs and PHVs continues to widen and Taxi Point

Taxi drivers need better Knowledge to keep passengers safe

Officials have put the brakes on plans to scrap the Knowledge test for taxi and private hire drivers in Bury and have instead updated it to improve safety. Bury Council had considered removing the Knowledge test from its licensing process following claims it is outdated and unnecessary. Opponents felt instead that taxi and private hire

Taxi drivers should be careful with their tyres this winter

It is easy to overlook tyres when it comes to maintaining a car but as taxi drivers know, they are one of the most important parts of a vehicle, especially in the winter.

As we endure longer nights and bad weather, no one wants to be stuck at the side of the road in the cold and wet.

How to Claim on Taxi Insurance After an Accident

Having taxi insurance that will take care of repairs and quickly get a cab back on the road gives many taxi drivers huge peace of mind.

But if you are involved in a collision, there are steps you have to take to make sure your insurance claim goes smoothly and you won’t be left with any expensive surprises.

Reading’s five-year plan to ban petrol and diesel taxis

Taxi drivers have had their say on plans to ban petrol and diesel cabs in Reading from 2028.

Consultation on Reading Borough Council’s Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Strategy 2023-28 ended recently, with one of the main goals being to “phase out the use of petrol and diesel-only cars and vehicles in an effort to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions”.