You will be aware that the increase in frequency and cost for fraudulent claims, together with ‘cash for crash’ scams, are adding hundreds of pounds to your taxi, fleet or motor trade insurance premium. In an attempt to counter this kind of fraudulent activity, and help you protect your premiums against such incidents, we work with the UK’s leading CCTV experts to bring you a solution to help minimise risks and save you money.

How does the CCTV Camera benefit me?

Physical evidence from the journey can be used to prove who was to blame and/or the extent of damage sustained in the event of a road accident. The aim is simple – to protect you and your no claims bonus in the event of an accident and to minimise the cost of any resulting claims.

How does CCTV work?

The camera gives continuous high quality recording of each and every journey you make. Shock sensors in the camera record the extent of any collision, which aligned to the video footage, provides your insurer with evidence to defend you as much as is possible in the event of an incident. Such evidence is either recorded on to a memory card or sent INSTANTLY via email to an appointed contact address for review.

See it in Action!

Do I really need CCTV?

With nothing more than a written statement, insurers are often forced to settle claims on limited information and without the full facts. Blame is often disputed, costs and personal injuries exaggerated or even fraudulent, all leading to increased insurance premiums for you! CCTV technology gives you the chance to fight back, providing the insurance company with vital video evidence to support what really happened and help safeguard your premiums… Can you afford NOT to have CCTV?

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