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Patons staff enjoy Kiltwalk success to help good cause

Patons Insurance staff battled through the pain to tackle Glasgow’s Kiltwalk and raised more than £1,500 for a mental health crisis centre.

The sun came out for a glorious day as Cheryl Rennie, her husband Allan and Kevin Baird took on the 14 mile Clydebank-to-Balloch Big Stroll on April 28, while Brian McLaughlan, Chelsea Adams and Nicola Karanikki overcame the daunting 23-mile Glasgow-to Balloch Mighty Stride.

Despite mixed experience and training, all six crossed the finishing lines in great times and their smiles disguised the aches and pains as they trebled their target to raise £1,600 for Chris’s House – “an amazing local charity which is close to our hearts”.

Looking back on their achievement, Kev said: “I did it 10 years ago, so I had an idea of what to expect. It was tough, but I managed through it and did it in about five-and-a-half hours. I was relieved as the last few miles seemed to go on forever!

“We had a great day. The weather was good, and my neck is now tanned! My wife and three of my kids were cheering me on at the finish line, so I felt pretty proud and glad that I did it. It would’ve been embarrassing if I hadn’t!”

For Cheryl, who got round in a similar time, the going wasn’t as tough as she expected: “I thought the first part would be harder. But the last two miles felt like 100!

“I was really emotional and pleased that I had done it. I was so happy to see Alison and Angela there to greet us, as well as my brother and Big Kev’s family, too. And the weather was glorious – not a normal Scottish day!”

Allan felt every step of the challenge but didn’t give up. “It was as tough as I thought it would be. My legs were strained, and it was painful to walk but I did it in five-and-a-half hours and it was a beautiful, dry day – perfect walking conditions.”

Brian also battled through the pain to complete the 23-mile trek in seven-and-a-half hours. He said: “It was actually harder than I expected, I underestimated it! I thought it would be easy as I’ve done running events like marathons before. The first 20 miles were okay, but the last three were horrendous!

“My legs totally seized at the end, I could hardly walk to the car!”

Kiltwalk veteran Nicola also found the going tough: “I forgot how tough it was as I didn’t take part last year! It felt as if my legs weren’t part of my body when I finished, but I’m happy we managed the full 23 miles.”

Chelsea was also relieved to reach the finish line: “It was okay until roughly the last three miles, that’s when my feet started to get sore. It felt good to be finished finally, the last few miles felt never-ending. I was glad to have a seat in the car!”

As well as being pleased about raising money for a good cause, the team were equally glad there were no major kilt disasters.

Kev said: “I tucked my kilt inside my boxers after the toilet break! Cheryl assisted me (with her husband’s permission, of course!)

Cheryl said: “It fitted and that was the main thing as it was from Shein!”

Allan said: “Bearing in mind I didn’t get the kilt until a few days before, all went well!”

Brian admitted: “Unfortunately I wasn’t a real Scotsman as I didn’t wear one. I didn’t think it would be comfortable walking over 20 miles with no support!”

Chelsea said: “I didn’t think it would be comfortable walking the whole distance with it on, but it was fine.”

And Nicola’s final thought: “Nicola: It’s Tuesday and I’m still sore!”

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