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Praise for taxi driver and couple who reunited woman, 95, with her family

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Taxi drivers are no strangers to going above and beyond the call of duty. They are on the front line and see people at their best, as well as their worst.

We have previously mentioned a Telford taxi driver who rescued three young children left stranded on a railway platform as a train departed with their mother stuck on board. He was praised by police and the children’s grateful mum for keeping them safe and driving them home until they were reunited with family.

And this week, we speak to another cabbie whose kindness really made a difference. It is particularly timely as Wednesday – St Valentine’s Day – marked the start of Random Acts of Kindness Week and tomorrow is Random Acts of Kindness Day, when we celebrate using kindness to make the world a better place.


The act of kindness we are celebrating was highlighted by Roger Crisp, of Salisbury, who wrote to his local paper to thank the strangers who paid for a taxi to take his 95-year-old mum home when she was found lost, cold and confused in the city centre last month.

As well as the couple who helped his mum, Roger also wanted to thank taxi driver Martin Wells, who looked after her until family arrived.

In his letter to the Salisbury Journal, Roger said: “An unknown couple found my elderly mum in town looking cold and lost. They found a taxi and paid in advance for it, having established where mum lives.

“At home, the taxi driver, Martin Wells, of Silkys Taxis, kept mum warm in the car until I could get there. I was contacted by the police who managed to find my mobile number. The driver would not hear of being offered a tip and said he had enjoyed meeting mum.

“It is so reassuring to find that the kindness of strangers still exists. Mum and our family can only say a big thank you to everyone involved, and in true kindness-of-strangers fashion, we will pass on the good turn to somebody else.”


Modest Martin played down his actions, saying he was just doing his job.

He said: “When the couple approached me at the rank, the lady was a bit disoriented and didn’t know where she was. She knew her address and the lovely couple paid for me to take her home.

“When we got there, there was no one home and she was a bit confused. It was when we had that cold snap and she was shivering so I got her in the car and put the heating on. I called the police who managed to get hold of her son who came straight away.

“He was so grateful, but I was just doing my job. We are trained in safeguarding and you have a duty of care to your passengers, but despite that, I couldn’t just have left her. She was vulnerable and this is someone’s mum. I would like to think that if it was my mum or another relative that needed help, someone else would do the same.”


Salisbury Journal readers were also keen to heap praise on Martin and the couple who spotted Roger’s mum in distress.

User ps0123 commented: “A really uplifting story. Big hugs to those involved, you are very special people.

“My mum had Alzheimer’s and was the kindest person you can imagine. I observed such a lack of kindness towards her over 10 years of her really suffering with this.

“The kind people really stand out in today’s world. Bless your mum and you for appreciating them.”

And Capt Sensible added: “A wonderful story that reassures us that there is the kindness of angels among us. Special well done to Martin for his kindness, generosity and social responsibility.”

As the praise continues to come in, Martin has been humbled by the reaction.

He said: “I asked if they wouldn’t mind putting a little review on my Facebook page, but I wasn’t expecting them to share it widely or for Roger’s kind letter to the Salisbury Journal. People have mentioned it to me and said it’s just typical me and that’s what they expected I would do. It’s who I am and it’s how I run my business.

“My only thoughts at the time were to make sure she was safe and to find her family. Roger and I have become friends and it’s nice to be able to see his mum again.”

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