Recommend a Friend: Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

In order to recommend your friends to us, you must log in to your online account and, using the Recommend a Friend portal, either:

• send the new potential customers your referral link that we have provided you with.
• use the manual form to send us their;

o full name
o phone number
o email address
o cover start date
o licenscing authority.

Qualifying Criteria

The Recommend a Friend Scheme is open to any existing Patons Insurance customer.

To qualify for the reward, all referrals must be submitted via the Recommend a Friend portal within the existing customers’ online account using one of the following options:

• Unique referral link shared with your friend so they can enter their own details.
• Manual form completed by you, with your friends details.

You must have the friends permission to provide us with their details. We will use your friends details solely for providing them with a Public Hire or Private Hire taxi insurance quotation.

The contact details provided must be accurate and must belong to the friend you are recommending. If we can’t contact your friend using the details you have provided, Patons Insurance reserve the right to reject the referral. Please don’t use your own details in place of your friends as this will affect our ability to pay you any referral fee.

Your friend must incept an annual Public Hire or Private Hire insurance policy through Patons Insurance within 30 days of being referred to us for the reward to be paid.

New potential customers must not have previously obtained a quote or requested a quote from Patons Insurance or must not be/have been a customer of Patons Insurance

Policyholders renewing their Public Hire or Private Hire insurance with Patons Insurance will not be considered as new customers, therefore, will not be eligible for reward if they are referred to us via the Recommend a Friend scheme.

If a friend is recommended by more than one Patons Insurance customer, the reward will be paid to the first customer who submitted the friends’ details.

Refer a friend payments are issued for Public Hire Insurance and Private Hire Insurance policies only.

There is no limit to the number of friends you can recommend .

You must recommend your friend to us before we provide them with a quotation. Any referrals submitted after a quotation has been provided will not be considered for reward.

Patons Insurance reserves the right to withdraw the scheme at any time. However, friends referred to us prior to the offer being withdrawn are still eligible for reward.

Patons Insurance may decline to quote in certain circumstances and we are not obliged to provide a quotation.

Patons employees are not eligible to participate in this scheme

Recommendations not submitted in accordance with these Terms and Conditions will not be considered viable for the reward.

Introduction Payment

Patons Insurance will provide you with a reward for each successful recommendation that you make.

The reward for each successful referral is £50.00.

Your friends’ policy must remain in force for at minimum of 45 days from the original inception date before the reward will be paid.

No further and/or additional policies taken out by the recommended policyholder (after the original contract) will be subject to referral payments without express written approval or consent.

Payment will not be made for referrals made after the inception date of the new customers policy.

Rewards will be paid via Cheque. In the unlikely event a cheque can’t be used, a suitable substitute of equal value will be supplied instead.

Rewards will not be paid if there is an outstanding balance on your account or payments are not up to date.

The reward is non-transferable.