Taxi Insurance in Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough may not be as bustling as other cities that we’re local to, but it has no shortage of things to do. The city has its own local scene – restaurants, cafes and entertainment – which means plenty of passengers looking for rides. From concerts to sports games and everything in between, there will always be fares ready to go.

Middlesbrough Taxi Insurance Solutions

Patons Insurance is an independent family-owned broker with over 50 years of experience in the taxi industry. We have a strong local presence across eight regions, and our commitment is to provide you with peace of mind while navigating the roads of Middlesbrough.

Local Middlesbrough Expertise

In 2020, we identified the Northeast as a key area to expand our regional offices and decided to purchase an existing broker– Sureplan Insurance.

As part of the acquisition, we took ownership of an office in Middlesbrough where we continue to provide Taxi Insurance.

We are located in 256 Linthorpe Road, TS1 3QS. Our office hours are 9am to 5pm every weekday, except English bank holidays.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch via 0164 292 7333, our team will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Offering Affordable Taxi Insurance Quotes

At Patons, we possess a deep understanding of the unique needs of taxi drivers, whether it’s for Private Hire, Public Hire, or Fleet Insurance. Our extensive panel of insurers has built a strong relationship with us and is highly trusted within the industry. With Patons as your partner, your Taxi Insurance journey in Middlesbrough can be simplified, just as it should be.

Our Middlesbrough team is always ready to aid our customers. We recognise the importance of immediate support when it comes to insurance. The presence of our team allows for any walk-in queries but also creates a feeling of trust. By offering this open-door approach, we aim to set a higher standard in broker-customer interaction that relies on mutual understanding.

We customise every quote to match your unique needs, whether it’s for a single vehicle, a fleet, or multiple vehicles, ensuring our policies meet each customer’s specific demands.

What is Taxi Insurance?

Taxi Insurance is a specialist insurance product that covers you and your vehicle when operating for hire and reward.

When you take out Taxi Insurance, whether it’s for a private hire or public hire vehicle, you need to ensure that you reach the minimum requirements for cover.

You can take out a policy for an individual or for a fleet of vehicles. Depending on your business, you may have a requirement for additional Breakdown Cover.

How does Taxi Insurance in Middlesbrough differ from a Car Insurance policy?

Public Hire Insurance and Private Hire Insurance are more expensive than insuring the same vehicle for domestic use only. This is because they spend more time on the road in areas of higher risk and they are being used for business.

In the event of an accident, an insurer will have to consider the taxi, the driver, any passengers and property, as well as any third-party vehicles involved.

Domestic insurance policies do not cover a vehicle being used as a taxi.

What levels of cover are available in Middlesbrough?

As with domestic vehicles, taxi insurers typically provide three levels of cover – third-party, third-party, fire and theft and fully comprehensive. The legal minimum requirement is third-party cover, which all drivers have to take out in order to operate a taxi.

Can I insure my taxi online in Middlesbrough?

After completing our online quote form, one of our experts will give you a call to discuss your Taxi Insurance requirements. You can also call the office or drop in for an instant quote.

What is the average cost of Taxi Insurance in Middlesbrough?

It’s difficult to determine individual insurance premiums due to the number of factors taken into account, including the age and experience of the driver, the age of the taxi, whether it is a private hire or public hire vehicle and the licensing authority.

What are the different types of Taxi Insurance in Middlesbrough?

Different types of Taxi Insurance including Private Hire Insurance, Public Hire Insurance, Minibus Insurance, Taxi Fleet Insurance and Chauffeur Insurance.

As well as having the appropriate insurance in place, your vehicle must be licensed by the local licensing authority.