Reducing your Taxi Insurance Premium with Telematics

Taxi insurance can sometimes be costly if you don’t have much taxi experience, have a number of claims or are a young driver.  We work with a panel of insurers that provide specialist Telematics insurance, that may help reduce your premium.  Telematics monitors acceleration, braking and speed to produce an overall ‘driving score’.

To benefit from Telematics, all you need to do is install a small piece of hardware into your vehicle – sometimes known as a ‘black box’.  Telematics scores can be viewed at the touch of the button on the Patons App.

Monitor driving scores easily

The Patons App lets you view the driving scores of your vehicle, or the vehicles in your fleet.  Individual driving scores are awarded for acceleration, braking and speed and displayed as red, amber or green.   The scores can be viewed instantly for the previous day, week or month along with the number of journeys, hours driving and miles traveled. Everything you need in one place.

Benefits of Telematics for your Taxi

  • Monitor driving style to help lower insurance premiums
  • Safer driving reduces chances of being involved in a collision
  • Less erratic driving saves fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle

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