Covid-19: How has life changed for taxi drivers?

Being a taxi driver can be very rewarding and many people spend their careers enjoying life on the road.

But, like any career, it is something people have to be passionate about in order to go the distance – and there are ups as well as downs.

London’s taxi fleet has hopefully turned a corner

Soaring costs and frozen pay have caused real problems for taxi drivers in London, forcing some to find other ways to make a living, while those who stay struggle to recover with the effects of the pandemic and cost-of-living crisis.

Covid-19 restrictions had a huge impact on London’s black taxi drivers who missed out on the millions of tourists and visitors they would normally transport around the capital.

How the Pandemic changed the Taxi Industry

The pandemic put the brakes on the taxi industry and many others as lockdown and social-distancing measures continued for almost two years.

We recently shared that more people are now getting back behind the wheel of a taxi or are starting out their career as taxi drivers. And, as numbers continue to climb, interesting trends and changes have occurred which could shape the future the taxi trade.

Maintain standards post Covid-19

Our industry has never stood still, and as a community, that is something we should all be very proud of. From implementing tech booking systems to upgrading our fleets to create the ultimate passenger experience, we really have done it all.

However, the realities of COVID-19 hit our people the hardest. The general public were confined to their homes and didn’t rely on us like they once did.

Coronavirus – Patons’ top tips for safer taxi travel

Since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak, taxi and private-hire drivers, have provided an essential service transporting NHS staff, key workers, patients and the vulnerable.

As life starts to return to normal, and fares begin to pick up, at Patons we wanted to do all we could to keep you protected.

Coronavirus – Second grant for taxi drivers

The Coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed all our daily lives. Over these anxious months, while the primary concern for everyone has been health, for the self-employed getting back to work has been equally important.

We know that many Patons customers found our blog post about the Government’s Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS)