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Taxi drivers lead the way with greener cars

As the drive for cleaner motoring continues, taxi drivers are already ahead of the curve when it comes to using less-polluting vehicles.

The Government’s Taxi and private hire vehicle statistics, England: 2023 report, which was published last month, offers a fascinating insight into the makeup of the taxi and private hire fleets.

Electric Black Cab Taxi LEVC Charging

New charging hub gives taxi drivers a brighter outlook

The taxi industry is undergoing major changes with the drive towards greener vehicles, as well as the disappearance of traditional haunts for taxi drivers to grab a cuppa and catch up with colleagues.

One of the biggest changes to the taxi landscape has been seen in London, which had plenty of dedicated cafes, services and meeting points for drivers.

Ariel view of Newcastle upon Tyne city skyline

Financial help to replace Newcastle’s most-polluting taxis

Like several other cities, Newcastle has introduced a Clean Air Zone to cut pollution – and is offering financial assistance to help taxi drivers meet the cost of replacing older, more polluting vehicles.

The Clean Air Zone was introduced on January 30 to help to improve air quality by reducing the number of high-polluting vehicles on the roads both within the zone and in the surrounding areas.

Flying taxis ready for virtual take off at Paris Air Show

Flying cars have always been part of science fiction, but now they could be just around the corner, offering a new dimension to the taxi fleet.

On Monday, guests at the Paris Air Show will be treated to a virtual flight of Eve Air Mobility’s electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle (eVTOL).

Red Electric Car on Charge

Uber & BP Partnership is a major step towards electrifying the taxi fleet

The lack of fast and reliable EV charging points has been one of the biggest barriers stopping taxi drivers from making the switch to electric.

Drivers of black cabs and private hire vehicles need to spend more time on the road than they do charging their vehicles in order to earn a living.

Clean air zones affecting your taxi business

As the government continues its drive to make towns and cities greener through schemes like clean air zones, taxi drivers who have yet to make the switch to EVs can face hefty charges to pick up fares.

Drivers in London already pay fees under the expanding ultra-low emission zones (ULEZ) in which vehicles that are not Euro 6 (diesel) and Euro 4 (petrol) compliant are charged £12.50 a day to drive within the zones.

Zero emission taxi

Drive to make all London taxis greener

London’s famous public hire taxis have been getting greener – and now the capital’s private hire fleet is following the same route.

Since January 1, all new private hire taxis licensed for the first time must be able to operate in zero-emission mode. Vehicles that fail to meet the greener criteria will not be granted licenses.

Taxi charging point

Rapid charging points for Taxi-only

The range and charging times of EVs are the biggest issues facing taxi drivers who have made the switch to greener motoring.

While they benefit from lower or no road tax, as well as not paying congestion zone or clean air charges, recharging their vehicles can be a major issue, especially if they have to wait their turn for the public charging network.

Taxi insurance provider helps install charging points

Trusted taxi services supplier helps taxi drivers make the switch to EVs

As taxi operators tackle the huge task of switching their fleet to electric vehicles, taxi insurance specialist Patons Insurance has created a special partnership to help make the transition go more smoothly.

Patons has teamed up with a leading EV charging equipment provider and installer to fit EV charging equipment.

More charging points for taxis

More fast chargers to keeping taxis on the move

Hundreds of thousands of rapid charging stations are needed to keep commercial vehicles such as black cabs and private hire taxis vehicles on the roads.

And London aims to lead the way with the electric vehicle revolution after Mayor Sadiq Khan announced 100 new ultra-fast electric vehicle charging points for the capital’s Red Route roads.

London Street Scene

High interest rates hit taxi drivers trying to Go Green

Taxi drivers who want to make the switch to electric vehicles are being hit by soaring interest rates as inflation continues to bite.

The UK taxi fleet will play a big part in cutting toxic vehicle emissions and many have already made the switch, with nearly half of London’s 15,000-strong black cab fleet now including EVs and dynamos.

Electric Vehicle chargers in car park

Will solar panels help steer taxi drivers towards EVs?

Cutting pollution and making motoring cleaner are vital for the environment and people’s health, so it makes sense to encourage taxi drivers and other professional drivers who spend more time on the road, to make the switch.

But they will only move away from petrol and diesel vehicles if they can find a reliable and affordable electric alternative.