Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle chargers in car park

Will solar panels help steer taxi drivers towards EVs?

Cutting pollution and making motoring cleaner are vital for the environment and people’s health, so it makes sense to encourage taxi drivers and other professional drivers who spend more time on the road, to make the switch.

But they will only move away from petrol and diesel vehicles if they can find a reliable and affordable electric alternative.

Black cabs investment

London’s black cabs are turning green

London’s iconic black cabs have turned a corner and there are now more green vehicles on the capital’s roads than the traditional diesel models.

Latest figures from Transport for London reveal that 43% of London’s fleet of almost 15,000 black taxis are now LEVC TX zero-emission capable (ZEC) or electric, with 6,352 TXe and Dynamo taxis now licensed in the capital.

taxi drivers tariff increase

Taxi drivers are right to call for tariffs to rise

Taxi drivers are calling for tariffs to be increased as the cost-of-living crisis continues to put the squeeze on people’s finances.

For the past year, we have all battled with rising fuel and energy costs, which have helped push up inflation. For public hire, private hire drivers and others who earn their living on the road, there has been little choice but to take a hit at the pumps.

Wireless black cab

The future could be wireless for black cabs

Black cabs are charging their taxis wirelessly as part of a trial to bring more electric vehicles into the fleet and on to our roads.

One of the biggest obstacles to using EVs in the taxi fleet is range, with public hire and private hire drivers expressing concerns that the distance they can travel before having to recharge will prevent them operating efficiently.

oil protests stop taxi drivers

Environmental protesters stop EV taxi drivers

Taxi drivers are understandably frustrated that environmental protesters are stopping them working – especially those who have already forked out on new electric cabs.

Just Stop Oil campaigners have frequently targeted London’s busy streets and been shown on the news causing huge congestion in and around the capital.

Ridesharing impact on taxi drivers

Ride sharing’s impact on taxi drivers

Taxi drivers play an important role in our communities and for more than 100 years have been a convenient, reliable and safe way for people to get around.

Passengers would regularly use the same private hire taxi firms and knew where to hail a black cab if they arrived at a train or bus station or other public venue.

latest taxi hybrid purchases

From horses and carts to a fleet of EV taxis

One of England’s oldest taxi businesses is steering its way towards an all-electric fleet of taxis.

Whiteside Taxis in St Annes on Sea started with Handsome Cabs in 1880 and has seen many changes in the years that followed. But, as with the transition from Handsome Cabs to the Hackney and private-hire taxis we are familiar with today, it did not happen overnight.

taxi derivers co2 emissions

How the Clean Air Zone affects taxi drivers

The country’s newest Clean Air Zone came into operation on Monday and means many taxi drivers have to pay more to use Bradford’s streets.

It has taken four years to bring in, and now only vehicles such as EVs, that meet greener standards, will avoid the charges.

Taxi drivers use EVs in Cheshire

Pilot will show how EVs can help taxi drivers

Technology is being used to show taxi drivers how electric vehicles can help their business and the environment.

Cheshire West and Chester Council have teamed up with EB Charging for a pilot scheme which will see telematics devices installed in a selection of petrol and diesel taxis in the area.

Electric taxi vehicle

Is it cheaper for taxi drivers to plug in or fill up?

Rising fuel and energy prices are affecting everyone, especially taxi drivers and those who earn their living on the roads – but they can still save money by plugging in instead of filling up.

As fuel prices have continued to rise, and with the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles in the UK from 2030, many taxi drivers have been turning to electric vehicles for a cheaper, greener alternative.

Taxi car charging

Helping taxi drivers find the right EV

Today is Word EV Day and it’s the perfect opportunity to help taxi drivers get on the road to a greener future.

While choosing the right vehicle for your taxi business is a big decision and there is uncertainty about cost, range and charging points, the aim of World EV Day is to encourage people, including professionals such as taxi drivers, to make their next vehicle an EV.

Futuristic Driverless Taxi Vehicle

Will driverless cars be the end for taxi drivers?

Improving technology has changed the way most people think about driving. A lot of the focus has been on electric vehicles and the drive to steer us all towards a greener future.

There have also been advances on driver assistance tools, such as cruse control, lane assistance, adaptive braking, self-parking and, more recently, autonomous vehicles.