Electric Vehicles

EV Charging Point

Electric Vehicles vs Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

Soaring fuel prices and looming net-zero carbon targets mean more people are considering switching to electric vehicles sooner rather than later.

As well as the environmental impact, EVs seemed to be the obvious choice for most drivers – until the cost of electricity shot up at the same rate as petrol and diesel.

Interior of an Electric Vehicle

Lessons on how to drive an Electric Vehicles

As drivers gear up to make the switch to electric vehicles, many are focusing on the cost, range and charging points of the green motors.

But there are also some key differences in the way an EV and a petrol and diesel car are driven, and it makes sense for people to consider taking lessons to get used to the new technology.

Tesla Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicles are starting to go the distance

The range of electric vehicles has been one of the biggest factors putting people off buying them, especially those who rely on them for a living, like taxi drivers.

While even the least-economical petrol and diesel cars can deliver 400-500 miles per tank, many suitable electric vehicles have been delivering ranges of below 200 miles.

Private Hire Hyundai IONIQ Front End

The top five best cars to use as private hire taxis

When private hire taxi drivers are looking for their next vehicle, there are several key factors they have to take into account.

As well as taking out private hire taxi insurance, wherever they operate, drivers need to consider that the future of private hire is going to be green. They need to choose something that will help reduce running costs and is better for the environment.

Car filling with fuel

Fuel prices steer taxi drivers towards EV’s

For those who drive for a living, soaring fuel costs are a real concern for their business.

In the past 12 months, the price of diesel has gone up by an average 48p a litre and as it continues to rise, taxi drivers who are feeling the pinch are looking to electric vehicles to avoid being priced off the roads.

Saving the planet one taxi at a time

You don’t need to share your cab with Greta Thunberg to know that we are currently facing a global climate crisis.

Reducing carbon emissions has never been more important, and with a 58% rise in the number of licensed taxis and PHVs in England alone over the last fifteen years, it’s easy to see why the government, local councils as well as customers are asking cabbies to do their bit.

POLL: What would make you switch to an electric taxi?

In a follow up to our previous poll we’re asking what would help you make the switch to an electric vehicle? Take part to voice your opinion!

POLL: Will your next taxi be electric?

In order to give taxi firms and drivers the edge in helping care for the planet – but look cool while driving, here are 9 sure facts that will excite you into getting yourself a hybrid or all-electric taxi.

Electric Black Cab

Liverpool’s first electric black cabs hit the road

The environmentally friendly Electric Black Cab – which can take you 80 miles on a single electric charge – will be in and around Liverpool for all to see.

As Patons provide the insurance for these electric cabs we were lucky enough to be the one of the first passengers in the back and we’re huge admirers.

9 facts about hybrid & all-electric cars

If you’re one of those who really wish that they could do something to make the world a greener place and make huge savings at the same time, then owning a hybrid or all-electric taxi will tick a lot of boxes.

About 10 years ago, the world was introduced to the possibilities of driving cars that do not run on fuel, either entirely or in part.