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Go Taxi Electric Vehicle Fleet

“Electric vehicles are incredible” says taxi firm founder

The founder of an Isle of Wight taxi firm is so hooked on electric vehicles that he will never buy a petrol or diesel car again.

Kevin Barton, CEO of We Go Local Solutions LTD and Go Taxi, used his tech background to help create sustainable businesses on the popular holiday island which enjoys a bustling hospitality and entertainment sector.

John Paton, Susan Baird and Billy Paton

Patons Insurance gets a refreshed look

Taxi insurance broker Patons Insurance (Part of the Patons Group) is celebrating over 50 years of serving the industry by expanding its services and creating a new look to help the modern taxi driver.

The Patons Group was founded by taxi driver John Paton in 1957 in Glasgow and the family business has been committed to helping the taxi industry ever since.

EV charge point

Patons wants to support taxi base owners as Government unlikely to meet EV charging target

Taxi drivers need one thing to make the switch to EV – to be sure that it will do at least what their current petrol or diesel cab will do. Anything less isn’t worth bothering with.

In simple terms, they want something with a decent range and can charge up whenever they need to so they can be on their way again in a matter of minutes.

San Francisco

Driverless taxis expand as incidents ‘skyrocket’

Two driverless taxi operators insist their technology is safe as their cabs continue to be rolled out across one city, despite concerns raised by the emergency services.

Cruise and Waymo have been operating trials with driverless taxis in San Francisco in a bid to increase the number of autonomous taxis on the streets.

liverpool city centre

Fine, ban and 24 points for illegal taxi driver

An illegal taxi driver who picked up fares across Liverpool city centre was asked ‘was it worth it?’ after being banned and fined hundreds of pounds.

The Liverpool Echo reports that Liverpool City Council officers observed Mruan Elkehya posing as both a private hire driver and public hire driver over a period of two months.

Electric vehicle

Taxi drivers lead the way with greener cars

As the drive for cleaner motoring continues, taxi drivers are already ahead of the curve when it comes to using less-polluting vehicles.

The Government’s Taxi and private hire vehicle statistics, England: 2023 report, which was published last month, offers a fascinating insight into the makeup of the taxi and private hire fleets.

Just Stop Oil protester

Taxi drivers pay for environmental protests

Over the past 18 months, Just Stop Oil protesters have brought roads across the UK to a standstill with a variety of demonstrations.

These have included gluing themselves to roads in towns and cities to block traffic, protests on motorways causing huge disruption, as well as slow marches through London which hold up traffic.

We’re Hiring

We are excited to announce that we’re expanding, which means we have new opportunities across our UK offices!

At Patons, our core values revolve around trust and integrity, which we uphold not only within our office but also in all our interactions with customers. We encourage a respectful atmosphere where everyone’s voice is valued, and we come together as a team.

taxi cabs queuing

Calls for higher standards of taxi legislation

There have been calls for national taxi legislation to ensure standards across the UK, as well as closing loopholes that benefit some taxi drivers over others.

One of the biggest issues has been legislation which allows taxi licences to be issued by one authority while the driver is actually operating in another. A consequence of this loophole has been that some drivers have benefitted from some licensing authorities charging different fees.

car accident

The benefits of comprehensive taxi insurance

Our advice to every taxi driver is to take out the best taxi insurance policy they can afford that offers them the most protection.

Whether they run a black cab and need public hire insurance, or need private hire insurance for their PHV, they should always try to take out the policy that offers them the most protection.

taxi driver driving a black cab

How a taxi insurance broker can protect you

Taxi drivers understandably look for the cheapest taxi insurance deal they can find – but that doesn’t mean they are getting the best cover.

There is a lot of truth in the saying you don’t know how good your insurance is until you need it. If you keep paying low premiums for years and never make a claim, you will be happy with your choice of cover.

Taxi drivers could take over from James Bond

Move over 007 because MI6 is turning to the real professionals – taxi drivers – to carry out special assignments across the capital. But you won’t need a Licence to Kill – a green or yellow taxi badge will get you in.

After decades of watching Britain’s most famous spy tear through the streets of the capital during high-speed chases and explosive shoot outs, it turns out that London’s black cabbies are the best qualified to get behind the wheel of secret service vehicles.