Uber car (Skoda) with inscription on the street before sunset

Battle between black cabs and Uber rages on in London

As London’s taxi and private hire drivers continue to compete for fares, London’s cabbies have raised the stakes with a lawsuit which could see them each get £25,000 in lost earnings.

woman driver with one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand tapping smartphone screen

More taxi drivers face five-year bans for using mobiles at the wheel

More taxi drivers will lose their badges for five years if they are convicted of using their mobile phone while operating their cabs as licensing authorities update their safety policies.

The latest move is part of new safety measures brought in by Sefton Council and is in addition to any punishment issued by courts. This includes the automatic six penalty points and a £200 fine all drivers face for using a hand-held phone, sat nav, tablet, or any device that can send and receive data while driving or riding a motorcycle.

Does Taxi Insurance provide cover for food delivery services?

Taxi insurance can cover drivers who want to increase their income by making food and grocery deliveries as well as carrying passengers.

But, as with all insurance cover, they need to check their policy first.

How many Black Cab drivers will sign up to Uber?

Few people could imagine London’s taxi drivers and minicab drivers working alongside each other – especially through Uber. Ever since the ride-hailing service was launched in the capital in 2012, there has been opposition from Hackney carriage drivers, including demonstrations and campaigns against the app service. But this month sees the launch of the unlikely

ride-hailing app

The impact of ride-hailing apps on insurance

As technology and innovation continue to drive the taxi industry forward, drivers and fleet owners need to make sure they have the right taxi insurance in place for the work they do.

The traditional industry model was black cabs or Hackney carriages, which required public hire insurance, and private hire vehicles or minicabs, which needed private hire insurance.

What taxi would you trust to look after your pet?

We have always been a nation of animal lovers so it should come as no surprise that there are taxi services dedicated to transporting our pets.

Whether it is a licenced breeder or an owner who can no longer look after a beloved pet, finding loving homes for them isn’t always easy.

Micky Harris in front of black cab

Free app launches in London

A free taxi-hailing app has been launched in London to help good causes as ride-hailing apps battle it out to get the capital’s cabbies to join their platforms.

The move comes as Uber expands its global operations and revealed plans to add all licenced taxis on to its platform by 2025 – something many drivers in the UK’s capital want to resist.

Red Electric Car on Charge

Uber & BP Partnership is a major step towards electrifying the taxi fleet

The lack of fast and reliable EV charging points has been one of the biggest barriers stopping taxi drivers from making the switch to electric.

Drivers of black cabs and private hire vehicles need to spend more time on the road than they do charging their vehicles in order to earn a living.

Uber cutting energy bills

How hailing an Uber could cut energy bills

Households are trying to find ways to reduce energy bills and the Government hailed Uber to help show people how.

We previously looked at how bespoke digital advertising could be shown to Uber riders, based on the information the company holds on passengers.

Taxi drivers rate passengers

Passengers find out what taxi drivers think of them . . . and it ruined their day!

We are asked for feedback for almost every product and service we buy, and it is a vital part of being a modern taxi or private-hire driver.

Reviews of products and services help to improve standards and keep people safe. The use of taxi booking apps makes feedback important to passengers because it lets them know the experiences other fares have had with a driver.

Too many taxi drivers

Too many taxi drivers to earn a living?

Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? Taxi drivers in one major city believe it is and say they are looking to swich jobs to make ends meet.

The issue has come to a head with Uber and Lyft drivers in New York City who say they are facing crippling debts just to keep their cars on the road – only to be taking home a fraction of what they used to earn.

Uber expansion for drivers

More taxi firms added to Uber app

Uber is continuing its growth in the UK which could be good news for other firms and taxi drivers who are being added to its ride-sharing app.

As well as booking a ride with an UberX or UberXL driver, the Local Cab option gives passengers the option to select another private hire firm to make the journey.