Uber Driver Getaway Driver

Uber used as a getaway driver in Bank Robbery

Taxi drivers never know who’s getting into the back of their cab. It could be sports stars, actors, rock stars, politicians . . . the possibilities are endless as this Uber driver found out.

But even with the use of booking apps, drivers don’t really know who they are picking up – or what their passengers are doing.

Uber taxis tv

Adverts to be the norm on taxis

Ride-hailing founder Uber is following its rivals with plans to launch adverts in and on its taxis.

In trials in its home city of San Francisco and in Los Angeles, Uber is using tablets in its private hire taxis to show adverts to passengers. And with valuable data at its fingertips, Uber’s advertising proposition has the potential to land global brands.

Taxi Cancellations

There are no winners with taxi cancel culture

Cancellations are hurting taxi drivers, passengers and venues – and are making people lose faith in public hire app bookings.

It is easy to understand why a black cab taxi driver on route to a booking might stop to pick up a fare in the street and cancel the booking – or why passengers who book a public hire cab jump in the nearest available taxi instead.

Private hire kiss mark

Private hire driver exposes cheating couple

A private hire taxi driver has sparked debate after she claims to have exposed an affair by taking a cheating man and his mistress back to his home – just moments after his wife and children had waved him off.

The incident happened in Dallas after an Uber driver who gave her name as Roni shared a video on TikTok.

cyber security on taxi firms

Cyber Security Safety for Taxi Firms

A recent cyber attack at Uber reveals that keeping technology safe and secure is as important as taxi drivers getting passengers to their destination safely.

Following the data breach last month, in a bid to reassure staff, drivers and customers that its systems and data are secure, Uber has released details of the hack and how the firm reacted to stop the breach and improve security.

Ridesharing impact on taxi drivers

Ride sharing’s impact on taxi drivers

Taxi drivers play an important role in our communities and for more than 100 years have been a convenient, reliable and safe way for people to get around.

Passengers would regularly use the same private hire taxi firms and knew where to hail a black cab if they arrived at a train or bus station or other public venue.

Russian taxi drivers hack

Hackers spread misery among taxi drivers

Taxi drivers and taxi companies are turning to technology more to offer a smoother ride for passengers looking to book a cab.

Booking and payment apps make it easy to connect passengers to the nearest public hire or private hire taxi available to complete the journey.

Taxi driver numbers

More taxi drivers are getting behind the wheel

After being decimated by the pandemic, it is great news that the number of taxi drivers are increasing.

The industry was one of many that were badly affected by Covid-19 because people were not allowed to move around freely and could not come into contact with others, especially in confined spaces such as taxis.

Taxi booking tech

Tech making it easy for taxi drivers to secure fares

Technology is constantly improving and there are now more high-tech ways to connect taxi drivers with passengers.

As well as ride-hailing apps such as Uber and, more recently, Bolt, many UK taxi businesses have introduced their own technology to make it easier for passengers to book and pay for journeys.

Uber travelling pet

Will taxi firms follow Uber’s lead over pets?

Taxi drivers often go out of their way to help passengers, such as carrying shopping to the front door for someone who is elderly or vulnerable.

Some are even happy to allow passengers to bring their dogs with them, especially if they are regulars.