How hailing an Uber could cut energy bills

Households are trying to find ways to reduce energy bills and the Government hailed Uber to help show people how.

We previously looked at how bespoke digital advertising could be shown to Uber riders, based on the information the company holds on passengers.

Passengers find out what taxi drivers think of them . . . and it ruined their day!

We are asked for feedback for almost every product and service we buy, and it is a vital part of being a modern taxi or private-hire driver.

Reviews of products and services help to improve standards and keep people safe. The use of taxi booking apps makes feedback important to passengers because it lets them know the experiences other fares have had with a driver.

Too many taxi drivers to earn a living?

Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? Taxi drivers in one major city believe it is and say they are looking to swich jobs to make ends meet.

The issue has come to a head with Uber and Lyft drivers in New York City who say they are facing crippling debts just to keep their cars on the road – only to be taking home a fraction of what they used to earn.

More taxi firms added to Uber app

Uber is continuing its growth in the UK which could be good news for other firms and taxi drivers who are being added to its ride-sharing app.

As well as booking a ride with an UberX or UberXL driver, the Local Cab option gives passengers the option to select another private hire firm to make the journey.

Uber used as a getaway driver in Bank Robbery

Taxi drivers never know who’s getting into the back of their cab. It could be sports stars, actors, rock stars, politicians . . . the possibilities are endless as this Uber driver found out.

But even with the use of booking apps, drivers don’t really know who they are picking up – or what their passengers are doing.

Adverts to be the norm on taxis

Ride-hailing founder Uber is following its rivals with plans to launch adverts in and on its taxis.

In trials in its home city of San Francisco and in Los Angeles, Uber is using tablets in its private hire taxis to show adverts to passengers. And with valuable data at its fingertips, Uber’s advertising proposition has the potential to land global brands.