You spoke, we listened! Introducing our new Taxi Insurance Quick Quote!

Over the last few months we have had our ear to the ground, speaking to taxi drivers about their experiences getting private taxi insurance and public taxi insurance. We also ran a Twitter poll that posed the question: “How do you prefer to buy your Taxi Insurance?”

Have a policy with Alpha Insurance?

If you are an Alpha Insurance customer and have recently had your Insurance policy cancelled then please give us a ring and we will do our best to get you back on the road!

A Guide to choosing the right Taxi Insurance

Taxi insurance is a must for any taxi driver, are you fully insured to drive your taxi? Choosing taxi insurance needn’t be difficult, we have just the solution, here at Patons Insurance!

A Taxi Drivers Guide to Driving Safely in Wet Weather

Working as a taxi driver allows you a certain amount of freedom, but one thing you have no say over is the weather. Come rain or shine you need to be on the road, ferrying passengers from A to B easily and efficiently.

Telematics Poll Results

Thanks to everyone who took part in our recent telematics poll. After looking at the results we are highly encouraged by the number of Taxi Drivers who are willing to use technology to improve driving and save money.

Fixing a lens on the powerful case for Dash-cams

A Dash-cam doesn’t take up much room in your vehicle, in fact most people wouldn’t realise it was there. Growing in popularity, the Dash-cam has become a very useful piece of kit, especially for Taxi Drivers.