Recommend a Friend: FAQ’s

If you have any questions relating to our Recommend a Friend scheme there is a good chance that they have already been asked, please see if any of our FAQ’s below help you with your query…

What is the Patons Insurance Recommend a Friend scheme?

Our Recommend a Friend scheme provides people who are already Patons Insurance customers with the opportunity to recommend Patons Insurance to their friends for the purchase of Taxi insurance. If the friend is a new customer and they go on to buy a new Taxi Insurance policy from Patons Insurance as a result of the recommendation, the person who made the recommendation will receive £50 for each successful referral*.

How do I recommend a friend?

Because you’re already an Patons Insurance customer, you can refer your friends to us by sharing your unique link or filling in the manual form on you Online Account. Simply log in via our App or Website, click on Recommend a Friend and follow the instructions, it couldn’t be easier.

Your friend will then need to take out a policy with Patons Insurance that stays live for at least 45 days before your reward is paid out.

Your friends are also able to request a ‘remind me later’ call if their insurance isn’t due for renewal at the time of the initial contact.

The full terms and conditions of our Recommend a friend scheme.

When will I get my reward?

Once your friend has taken out a policy with Patons Insurance and it has been live for at least 45 days we will arrange for the payment to be made to you. Payments will be made by Patons Insurance on the last working day of each month.

Does my friend have to make a purchase for me to get my reward?

Yes, while our Recommend a Friend scheme carries no obligation to the recipient or to you, your friend will need to purchase a Taxi insurance policy as a new customer of Patons Insurance in order for you to qualify for the reward.

What happens if I don’t receive my reward?

If you haven’t received your reward from Patons Insurance within the stated time frame, you can raise an enquiry by calling your local office.

How many friends can I recommend to you?

You are able to recommend as many fellow Taxi Drivers as you would like as long as your policy is still live with Patons Insurance. The friends that you recommend must not have been a customer of Patons Insurance previously.

Do I need permission from my friend?

If you’re filling in the manual form then yes, you must have your friend’s consent to provide us with their details so that we can contact them in conjunction with this promotion.

If you have shared your unique link with them then you do not have to worry.

How is my personal data stored? How secure is it?

Your data is transferred from your App or web browser to our referral system by means of an encrypted data format (SSL). Our data warehouse is protected and your data is stored and only made available to the system administrators and our marketing team.

For more information on how your data is used, you can read our Privacy Policy.

If a friend whom I’ve recommended insures more than one car, will I get more than one reward?

No, the reward is offered for the first new policy. To claim multiple rewards, you’d need to refer more than one friend who would then go on to take out a new policy. You can claim rewards for recommending as many friends as you would like – please see ‘How many friends can I recommend to you’ to find out more.

More than one person is named as a policyholder on my Patons Insurance policy. Can each named person recommend friends?

Yes. Any of the named persons may also Recommend a Friend to take out a Taxi insurance policy, and will be eligible to receive any reward which may be due.

I can’t find the answer to my question on this page

Please call your local office to speak to one of our advisors who will be happy to assist you with any query that you may have. Our office numbers can be found on our contact page.