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Saving the planet one taxi at a time

You don’t need to share your cab with Greta Thunberg to know that we are currently facing a global climate crisis.

Reducing carbon emissions has never been more important, and with a 58% rise in the number of licensed taxis and PHVs in England alone over the last fifteen years, it’s easy to see why the government, local councils as well as customers are asking cabbies to do their bit.

Here at Patons, in the last twelve months, we’ve seen the number of electric cabs we insure more than double. But with cleaner, greener motoring becoming more important than ever, what does this mean for taxi drivers?

From a recent poll carried out on social media about ‘going electric’, we know that a third of our policy holders felt they needed more information on the subject.

So, here are a few facts:

Maybe the biggest influence of all however will come from customers themselves, with people choosing to ride in electric vehicles over their polluting counterparts. Not only will their conscience be clean, but they also get to enjoy a smoother ride.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said:

“Taxi drivers up and down the country are playing a leading role in reducing air pollution in our city centres where people live, shop and work.”

With an electric future clearly ahead of us, maybe it’s not just about saving the planet but saving our trade too.

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