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Taxi drivers could take over from James Bond

Move over 007 because MI6 is turning to the real professionals – taxi drivers – to carry out special assignments across the capital. But you won’t need a Licence to Kill – a green or yellow taxi badge will get you in.

After decades of watching Britain’s most famous spy tear through the streets of the capital during high-speed chases and explosive shoot outs, it turns out that London’s black cabbies are the best qualified to get behind the wheel of secret service vehicles.

Britain’s spymasters are recruiting taxi drivers who have passed The Knowledge and who are ready for a special assignment to drive for the secret service. Those who know every street, every junction and every shortcut are just what the MI6 needs as it continues to keep the UK safe.

Taxi Point reports that the organisation is offering a salary of £33,029 per year “for people who know the capital’s roads like the back of their hand and who can support the logistics services provided by MI6.

“As part of a bustling team, these new recruits will take on a range of challenging roles, from driving colleagues to meetings in a comfortable four-seater, to delivering and collecting packages in a 7.5-ton lorry. With a mandate to keep moving and a need to work across different locations, this dynamic role will keep cabbies on their toes as they maintain and care for the vehicles entrusted to them.”

Okay, so it might not be defeating villains, saving the world and getting the girl, but it’s still going to be an adventure.

And think about what firing hidden rockets out of a bullet-proof Aston Martin, or diving into the Thames in a submersible Lamborghini would do to your taxi insurance! MI6 bosses say that it could also lead to more exciting assignments down the road.

Taxi Point adds: “For those with a background in driving, a passion for logistics, and a deep understanding of London’s roads, this job opportunity is the perfect match. With an emphasis on safety, reliability and discretion, the MI6 chauffeur role offers a unique and highly sought after career trajectory that combines the excitement of driving with the thrill of supporting the United Kingdom’s security and intelligence agencies.

“Applications for this extraordinary role are open now, and MI6 is keen to hear from former cabbies who believe they have the experience and skills to excel in this fast-paced role.”

Many cabbies will be familiar with the capital’s iconic Bond locations. And those who operate the Black Taxi Tour’s James Bond tour take visitors around some of the main filmset locations, from Dr No right through to Spectre.

Over the years, scenes have been filmed across the city, and tourists can also enjoy some classic London sightseeing along the way to The National Gallery where Bond meets Q in Skyfall, or Sotheby’s, in New Bond Street, which was the backdrop during the Fabergé egg auction scenes in the film Octopussy.

London City Hall was the Centre for National Security in Spectre and the MI6 HQ was played by the SIS building in Spectre, with a little help from CGI.

So if you fancy swapping your TX4 and public hire insurance for something more luxurious with a few extras added by Q, the secret service might have just the job for you.

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