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Trusted taxi services supplier helps taxi drivers make the switch to EVs

Taxi insurance provider helps install charging points

As taxi operators tackle the huge task of switching their fleet to electric vehicles, taxi insurance specialist Patons Insurance has created a special partnership to help make the transition go more smoothly.

After decades of providing a range of taxi services and taxi insurance to the taxi industry, Patons has teamed up with a leading EV charging equipment provider and installer to fit EV charging equipment – in most cases, without any upfront cost to the base owner.

The cost of the equipment is covered over several years through the cost of the electricity supplied, which is still competitive compared to public-use fast and super-fast charging stations. The base owner chooses who has access to the equipment and can open it to the public, other businesses or keep it as a private charging station, to be used exclusively by their own fleet.

The move comes as Patons, which was established by taxi drivers, looks to help customers prepare for the switch to electric fleets, something that can appear expensive and daunting.

This is why Patons Head of Business Development Chris Pracy is pleased to be able to help taxi bases head towards greener motoring by offering fast, and super-fast charging plus multiple charging options.

Chris said: “The switch to EVs brings positives to the environment, but it also brings its own challenges to the UK taxi market, one of which is the availability of the EV charging infrastructure. If vehicles are stuck on charge, or waiting for a charging point to become free, they aren’t on the road and taxi drivers aren’t earning a living. Taxis are tools of the trade for drivers, and they must be ready to meet the needs of the job.

“We know the taxi industry inside-out and have been looking out for taxi drivers since 1957. We know the challenges facing both drivers and bases and we are thrilled to be able to offer a solution to something many are very worried about.

“By establishing this partnership, we have created an offering that could start to help solve real issues regarding charging EV taxis.”

Included in the offering are surveying costs of the land for suitability, all the required charging equipment, full installation including civils, local authority planning and connection costs, as well as all ongoing equipment maintenance, servicing, and repairs.

There are several elements to an agreement, and these may be dictated by length, number of vehicles, usage. Agreement lengths vary, but will generally be a minimum of three years.

Whilst the agreement may not be suitable for all base owners, for those that are suitable we feel confident that it will help the switch to electric.

The landowner can decide who uses the equipment. They can create a public charging area or restrict use to just their vehicles*. The management of charging slots is down to the base owner.

Chris said: “A high proportion of vehicles in future are likely to be electric or hybrid at the very least, and most private cars will be charged at home or during trips to the supermarket. But taxi fleets have unique demands on both vehicles and drivers and flexibility is key.

“By bringing these types of charging packages, we aim to help keep drivers on the road longer, which is when they are earning their living.”

Interested in learning more about whether our EV package could be right for your taxi business, complete the form and we’ll call you to discuss the options.

*We’d advise you to check with your liability insurer to see if there are any additional conditions for Electric charge points.

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