How can I lower my taxi insurance?

We all look to make savings where we can and there are things you can do to reduce your taxi insurance. But it is worth remembering that cheap taxi insurance doesn’t mean it’s the best policy for you. Taxi insurance companies look to reward good drivers with lower premiums so those who have not had […]

Taxi Drivers effected by new mobile use laws

Taxi drivers will be effected by new laws being introduced next month to reduce distractions on the road make it illegal to use virtually all tech devices while driving. Under the new regulations which come into force on March 25, anyone caught using mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, PDAs or any other communication devices, will […]

Fixing a lens on the powerful case for Dash-cams

A Dash-cam doesn’t take up much room in your vehicle, in fact most people wouldn’t realise it was there. Growing in popularity, the Dash-cam has become a very useful piece of kit, especially for Taxi Drivers.