Vehicle Innovations

Car tyres

Indestructible tyres could roll on forever

A scientist has made a discovery that could keep the wheels of a car turning forever – saving taxi drivers a fortune in maintenance.

Taxi drivers work hard to maintain their vehicles so that passengers enjoy a comfortable and safe ride. But rising prices have put a squeeze on their incomes as they continue to pay for maintenance and repairs, as well as fuel and other rising running costs.

Tesla recall

Does recall put the brakes on autonomous taxis?

As trials continue to pave the way for driverless taxis, one manufacturer is recalling hundreds of thousands of vehicles following concerns about its driver-assistance software.

Pilot schemes for autonomous taxis have been carried out on public streets in a variety of major cities which have raised concerns.

Futuristic Driverless Taxi Vehicle

Driverless taxis to stay on the streets for longer

Autonomous taxis are being allowed to spend more time on the road as one tech giant is stepping up a gear.

Chinese search engine firm Baidu has branched out into the driverless taxi sector and has seen demand grow, collecting nearly 500,000 fares in three months in Wuhan, with its autonomous taxis operating from 9am to 5pm.

Taxi charging point

Rapid charging points for Taxi-only

The range and charging times of EVs are the biggest issues facing taxi drivers who have made the switch to greener motoring.

While they benefit from lower or no road tax, as well as not paying congestion zone or clean air charges, recharging their vehicles can be a major issue, especially if they have to wait their turn for the public charging network.

Taxi app for women

Taxi app focuses on women’s safety and wellbeing

A new private hire taxi app that lets women choose female drivers to help them feel safe on a night out is expanding after a successful launch.

RideSafe was created by Welsh entrepreneur Ben Cole-Edwards after his mother and aunt wanted a service that catered for women.

Taxi insurance provider helps install charging points

Trusted taxi services supplier helps taxi drivers make the switch to EVs

As taxi operators tackle the huge task of switching their fleet to electric vehicles, taxi insurance specialist Patons Insurance has created a special partnership to help make the transition go more smoothly.

Patons has teamed up with a leading EV charging equipment provider and installer to fit EV charging equipment.

More charging points for taxis

More fast chargers to keeping taxis on the move

Hundreds of thousands of rapid charging stations are needed to keep commercial vehicles such as black cabs and private hire taxis vehicles on the roads.

And London aims to lead the way with the electric vehicle revolution after Mayor Sadiq Khan announced 100 new ultra-fast electric vehicle charging points for the capital’s Red Route roads.

Electric Vehicle chargers in car park

Will solar panels help steer taxi drivers towards EVs?

Cutting pollution and making motoring cleaner are vital for the environment and people’s health, so it makes sense to encourage taxi drivers and other professional drivers who spend more time on the road, to make the switch.

But they will only move away from petrol and diesel vehicles if they can find a reliable and affordable electric alternative.

Uber taxis tv

Adverts to be the norm on taxis

Ride-hailing founder Uber is following its rivals with plans to launch adverts in and on its taxis.

In trials in its home city of San Francisco and in Los Angeles, Uber is using tablets in its private hire taxis to show adverts to passengers. And with valuable data at its fingertips, Uber’s advertising proposition has the potential to land global brands.

cyber security on taxi firms

Cyber Security Safety for Taxi Firms

A recent cyber attack at Uber reveals that keeping technology safe and secure is as important as taxi drivers getting passengers to their destination safely.

Following the data breach last month, in a bid to reassure staff, drivers and customers that its systems and data are secure, Uber has released details of the hack and how the firm reacted to stop the breach and improve security.

Self-driving taxis

Journalist’s Rollercoaster white-knuckle ride in a driverless taxi

Some people see driverless taxis as the future, while to others, they are nothing more than a hi-tech gimmick. But ultimately, it is the passengers who will decide their fate as they have to feel safe and comfortable using the hi-tech taxi.

Whether or not the novelty wears off, there has been plenty of investment into autonomous vehicles and driverless taxis are currently being trialled in America.

latest taxi hybrid purchases

From horses and carts to a fleet of EV taxis

One of England’s oldest taxi businesses is steering its way towards an all-electric fleet of taxis.

Whiteside Taxis in St Annes on Sea started with Handsome Cabs in 1880 and has seen many changes in the years that followed. But, as with the transition from Handsome Cabs to the Hackney and private-hire taxis we are familiar with today, it did not happen overnight.