Vehicle Innovations

Taxi booking tech

Tech making it easy for taxi drivers to secure fares

Technology is constantly improving and there are now more high-tech ways to connect taxi drivers with passengers.

As well as ride-hailing apps such as Uber and, more recently, Bolt, many UK taxi businesses have introduced their own technology to make it easier for passengers to book and pay for journeys.

Electric taxi vehicle

Is it cheaper for taxi drivers to plug in or fill up?

Rising fuel and energy prices are affecting everyone, especially taxi drivers and those who earn their living on the roads – but they can still save money by plugging in instead of filling up.

As fuel prices have continued to rise, and with the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles in the UK from 2030, many taxi drivers have been turning to electric vehicles for a cheaper, greener alternative.

Waze app for taxi drivers

Waze app making life easier for taxi drivers

Roads and traffic can change in an instant and taxi drivers need to be on top of their game to reach and drop off passengers safely and on time.

There are many sat-navs and navigational apps to help drivers reach their destination, as well as trying to avoid long delays in traffic.

Futuristic Driverless Taxi Vehicle

Will driverless cars be the end for taxi drivers?

Improving technology has changed the way most people think about driving. A lot of the focus has been on electric vehicles and the drive to steer us all towards a greener future.

There have also been advances on driver assistance tools, such as cruse control, lane assistance, adaptive braking, self-parking and, more recently, autonomous vehicles.

flying taxis

Flying taxis – are they the future?

Flying cars and flying taxis might seem more science fiction than real world, but they could be just around the corner.

An entrepreneur in California says air taxis could be up and running ahead of the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028, helping beat the city’s chronic traffic jams.

Fuel pump with costs

How long will fuel prices stay so high?

Rising prices at the pumps continue to fuel the UK’s surging cost of living – but there could be some good news around the corner.

It is difficult to escape the rising cost of living. Businesses including taxis drivers and taxi fleets have seen immediate and sharp rises in the cost of fuel for their vehicles, as well as their own household bills rising.

contactless charging road for electric cars

Wireless charging could be a gamechanger for EV taxis

Range is one of the biggest obstacles stopping drivers making the switch to electric vehicles but wireless charging could change that.

You can currently travel further on a tank of petrol or diesel in a typical family car than you can in a comparable EV – that also costs more – with a fully charged battery.

Clean Air Zones Under Review Sign

Some taxis could be banned under new clean air zone plan

Greater Manchester has submitted its revised Clean Air Zone plan to the government and wants to ban taxis not licensed locally in a bid to improve air quality.

As well as reducing pollution, the move to ban taxis licensed outside Greater Manchester is part of a wider plan to improve the regulation of taxis in the region.

Hankook Airless Tyre

Will it be the end of the road for flat tyres?

Vehicle technology is constantly improving and now tyre manufacturers are reinventing the wheel to make punctures a thing of the past.

This could be a gamechanger for taxi drivers and other motorists when it is expected to the roads in 2024.

Automated cars on the road

Who’s to blame when automated cars crash?

As technology improves and automated cars and self-driving cars are eventually allowed on Britain’s roads, lawyers don’t think drivers should be blamed when things go wrong.

Laws have been drawn up to allow driver-assistance technology to be used in limited ways initially on British roads, such as hands-free driving in vehicles with lane-keeping technology on congested motorways, up to 37mph.

Saving the planet one taxi at a time

You don’t need to share your cab with Greta Thunberg to know that we are currently facing a global climate crisis.

Reducing carbon emissions has never been more important, and with a 58% rise in the number of licensed taxis and PHVs in England alone over the last fifteen years, it’s easy to see why the government, local councils as well as customers are asking cabbies to do their bit.

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