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Courts are right to get tough with those who attack taxi drivers

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Taxi drivers play a vital role in the community and it is good to see courts taking a tough stance with people who commit offences against them.

Whether it is someone trying to dodge fares, hurl abuse and make threats, or those who cross the line and attack or try to rob drivers who are trying to earn a living, courts are sending the right message.

Road rage

One recent case led to a taxi driver being violently attacked in his cab in a mistaken road rage incident.

The Glasgow Times reports that cabbie Abdelella Yousif was picking up a fare in November, 2022, and pulled up behind Ibraheem Khan’s VW Golf as it was stopped at a traffic light which was on green. The taxi driver beeped his horn to get the attention of his customer, but Khan thought Mr Yousif was beeping to get him to move off.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that Khan’s passenger shouted abuse at Mr Yousif before their car moved off and Khan then reversed back in front of the taxi. Both men got out and punched Mr Yousif in the head, leaving the taxi driver with a fractured nose, damage to his teeth, and permanently disfigured.

Why do drivers lose their tempers so easily at the wheel and react irrationally? Even if Mr Yousif had beeped Khan for not moving off at a green light – as he would have been entitled to – it is a ridiculous overreaction to jump out of a car and launch a brutal attack.


The brutality of the unprovoked and entirely mistaken attack was brought home by prosecutor Alasdair Knox.

He told the court: “Mr Yousif’s driver’s side window was open at this time.

“The male passenger proceeded to punch the victim to the head and face through the window.

“The male passenger then opened the driver’s door, whilst continuing to punch Mr Yousif.”

The victim then pushed himself out of the vehicle when Khan approached him.

Mr Knox added: “Khan proceeded to repeatedly punch him to the head.

“This part of the assault lasted between 10 and 14 seconds. Khan then walked back towards the Golf.”

The court heard the pair then drove on the wrong side of the road as they tried to get away, before crashing into another car, causing significant damage to both vehicles.


Khan pleaded guilty to assaulting Mr Yousif and was ordered to pay £2,000 compensation, fined £800 and ordered to do 250 hours of unpaid work. He will also have to wear an electronic tag for eight months and observe a curfew between 8pm and 6am, as well as being put under supervision for 12 months.

He was banned from driving for 12 months and must sit an extended driving test to get his licence back.

John Scullion KC, defending, Khan, who is 27, told the court: “He accepts full responsibility for his actions in relation to the charges and doesn’t seek to minimise his involvement in any way.

“He bitterly regrets acting as he did – he expresses his remorse for his behaviour and recognises the impact this will have had on the victim as well as the wider community.”

As serious as it was, this incident could easily have been worse, especially as Mr Yousif suffered multiple blows to the head in a sustained attack. He could have been left with sight loss or brain injuries – or worse.

It is a relief that no life-threatening damage was caused, but it doesn’t take away from the pain inflicted during this terrifying ordeal which will no doubt have an affect on him and his ability to work as a taxi driver.

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