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Liverpool’s first electric black cabs hit the road

Electric Black Cab

Take a look at Liverpool’s first electric black cabs.

The environmentally friendly Electric Black Cab – which can take you 80 miles on a single electric charge – will be in and around Liverpool for all to see.

As Patons provide the insurance for these electric cabs we were lucky enough to be the one of the first passengers in the back and we’re huge admirers. Matt Chadwick, Sales manager says “Due to the cost of these vehicles, customers are finding it hard to obtain a competitive insurance rate. We were able to help these drivers insure their vehicle at a cost they were happy with and we hope we’re able to help many other drivers make the transition from Diesel to Electric power”.

Packed with many features such as a panoramic roof, charging ports to keep your mobile battery topped up, wheelchair anchor points to allow front facing travel for wheelchair users and seats that allow travel for 6 passengers – an increase from the previous capacity of 5 – it’s safe to say that this electric cab is made for comfort. We even think the white cabs would be fantastic wedding vehicles!

Here are a few more facts about the NEW electric black cab:

It’s GREEN (but not in colour)

Being able to travel 80 miles on electric power before it needs charging, it’s much better for the environment than its diesel sibling. Plus, it only takes 25 minutes to reach 80% battery capacity!

It’s reliable.

Running out of charge and can’t get to a charging point? No problem. The electric cab houses a 1.5l Volvo developed three-cylinder engine that – combined with the electric engine – allows over 400 miles total range!

It’s safer than ever.

With numerous additional airbags for driver and passenger safety, emergency autonomous braking, lane departure warnings and front collision warnings there are certainly more safety features in the new electric cab than in the previous TX models.

It’s a much smoother ride (For drivers and passengers).

First off, it’s a whole lot quieter and smoother making you forget you’re in a taxi. The legendary turning cycle is still there with the front wheels turning a whole 63 degrees – compared to the 38 degrees offered in a standard SUV – meaning the electric cab is extremely manoeuvrable and effortless to drive.

And finally, the owners of these vehicles can expect to save a whole lot of money compared older TX models. With savings of up to £100 per week on fuel and with charging costing as little as £3 per hour, we hope to see a lot more drivers taking the all new Electric Black Cab route in the near future.

If you’re thinking of purchasing an electric black cab but finding it difficult to insure? Visit our website or give your local Patons office a call for a quote today! We have fantastic rates available for the TXE and were sure you won’t be disappointed.

Special thanks to Paul, Colin and Jimmy for taking the time to pay us a visit and show us around their new TXE’s

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