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Tech making it easy for taxi drivers to secure fares

Taxi booking tech

Technology is constantly improving and there are now more high-tech ways to connect taxi drivers with passengers.

As well as ride-hailing apps such as Uber and, more recently, Bolt, many UK taxi businesses have introduced their own technology to make it easier for passengers to book and pay for journeys.

And since the pandemic, such technology has become as important for taxi fleets as taxi insurance as many passengers prefer to be able to book a taxi through an app instead of ringing up a taxi base. From a safety point of view, this allows them to see details of the driver and the vehicle, and know how much the journey will cost before they get into the cab. It also allows them to pay electronically and not struggle to find the right cash. They can also tip taxi drivers for good service.

Now products such as Taxi Butler QR are making it even easier to order taxis at hotels, bars and restaurants. Once a taxi firm signs up to Taxi Butler QR, a unique QR code is generated and can be used on posters, banners, signs, leaflets, business cards and any other printed marketing materials which can be left on bars and reception desks. There is no need to download an app and all passengers have to do is scan a QR code and enter their destination, the type of taxi required, such as a minibus or one with wheelchair access, as well as their contact details.

Taxi firms with private hire insurance or taxi fleet insurance that are enrolled in the QR scheme give their details to Taxi Butler and the available vehicles which can then be chosen by passengers.

As well as the QR technology, Taxi Butler also has devices which can be placed on reception desks at hotels and restaurants which let staff summon a taxi with the push of a button.

This is proving popular with such venues because it adds an extra layer of customer service which they can deliver simply by clicking a button.

It also verifies passengers’ details through text messaging so taxi drivers know it is genuine and passengers can track their taxi live on the map and are notified when it arrives. As with other apps, they are given the driver’s name, vehicle details and the cost of the trip.

Another key safety feature is that Taxi Butler, which has clients based in more than 40 countries, only partners with licensed taxi companies.

Laurence Docherty, head of sales at Taxi Butler, told TaxiPoint: “We work closely with taxi fleets to bring them the latest and most innovative technologies that support the taxi community as a whole. Taxi Butler QR is our latest development that will let taxi fleets make it easier for people visiting local venues to book a taxi with their fleet, generate even more automated bookings, alongside Taxi Butlers, create exclusivity with local venues, and increase brand visibility across venues in their community.”

Ride-hailing technology was available before the pandemic, but it has now become the norm for many taxi businesses.

As further advances take place, technology is only going to improve to make journeys easier and more enjoyable for both taxi drivers and passengers.

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