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Gatso Speed Camera

Convictions and claims won’t put the brakes on taxi insurance deals

Taxi drivers pay higher taxi insurance premiums because of the amount of time they spend on the road, so it is no surprise that they could face even greater costs after a claim or conviction.

But this does not mean the end of the road for good deals on their taxi insurance – as long as they are honest with their taxi insurer and taxi insurance broker, when it comes to taking out or renewing their policy.

Private Hire

Three ways private hire drivers can save money

Running a private hire taxi is expensive but rewarding, so here are three key things that will reduce costs and help keep drivers enjoying life on the road.

The past 12 months have seen the cost of motoring soar for everyone from commuters and shoppers to taxi and lorry drivers.

Clean taxi

11 top tips for keeping your taxi looking like new

Taxi drivers take great pride in keeping their cars clean and tidy so they look their best for the next fare.

But dealing with passengers in all weathers, as well as their shopping and luggage, plus heavy traffic and dirty roads, means drivers have to work even harder to keep their cabs and private hire vehicles looking spotless.

Dirty taxi

Taxi drivers keeping their cabs clean . . . and legal

When passengers get into a cab, they expect it to be safe, comfortable and clean – and taxi drivers have a long-standing reputation for keeping their cars spotless.

This isn’t easy, especially with the British weather and having dozens of people in and out of their cabs each day.

Winter taxi checks

Making sure taxi drivers are ready for winter

Taxi drivers earn their living on the roads and their vehicles must be ready for anything, including the freezing temperatures we are currently experiencing with what has been called the Troll of Trondheim.

Taxis are the tools of their driver’s trade and need to be maintained to the highest standards.

latest taxi hybrid purchases

From horses and carts to a fleet of EV taxis

One of England’s oldest taxi businesses is steering its way towards an all-electric fleet of taxis.

Whiteside Taxis in St Annes on Sea started with Handsome Cabs in 1880 and has seen many changes in the years that followed. But, as with the transition from Handsome Cabs to the Hackney and private-hire taxis we are familiar with today, it did not happen overnight.

Taxi booking tech

Tech making it easy for taxi drivers to secure fares

Technology is constantly improving and there are now more high-tech ways to connect taxi drivers with passengers.

As well as ride-hailing apps such as Uber and, more recently, Bolt, many UK taxi businesses have introduced their own technology to make it easier for passengers to book and pay for journeys.

Waze app for taxi drivers

Waze app making life easier for taxi drivers

Roads and traffic can change in an instant and taxi drivers need to be on top of their game to reach and drop off passengers safely and on time.

There are many sat-navs and navigational apps to help drivers reach their destination, as well as trying to avoid long delays in traffic.

Taxi drivers help with back to school

Back to school with the help of Taxi drivers

Being stuck in traffic can be one of the most infuriating experiences on the roads for Taxi drivers.

But, whether you are battling the school run, commuting to work, or are a professional such as a taxi driver, the most important thing to do is keep calm.

Taxi fares increase

Taxi fares may increase to help drivers

We are facing rising costs in every part of our lives, so it is not a surprise that taxi fares are also being affected, and today we received devastating news that energy bills are expected to soar by £1,500 a year from October.

As with other businesses, taxi drivers are also facing increases and have had a difficult time dealing with soaring prices at the pumps for most of this year.

Part worn vehicle tyres

Always put vehicle safety ahead of savings

Taxi drivers are being urged not to risk vehicle safety when it comes to car maintenance as we all continue to feel the pinch.

The call comes as the cost of living continues to rise and soaring fuel prices mean it costs more to keep taxis on the road.

Interior of an Electric Vehicle

Lessons on how to drive an Electric Vehicles

As drivers gear up to make the switch to electric vehicles, many are focusing on the cost, range and charging points of the green motors.

But there are also some key differences in the way an EV and a petrol and diesel car are driven, and it makes sense for people to consider taking lessons to get used to the new technology.