woman driver with one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand tapping smartphone screen

More taxi drivers face five-year bans for using mobiles at the wheel

More taxi drivers will lose their badges for five years if they are convicted of using their mobile phone while operating their cabs as licensing authorities update their safety policies.

The latest move is part of new safety measures brought in by Sefton Council and is in addition to any punishment issued by courts. This includes the automatic six penalty points and a £200 fine all drivers face for using a hand-held phone, sat nav, tablet, or any device that can send and receive data while driving or riding a motorcycle.

Taxi driver deserves a medal for rescuing man from burning car

No one knows how they will react in an emergency, but a life-saving taxi driver deserves an award for bravery for rescuing an unconscious man from a burning car.

When taxi driver Abdul Javeed came across the scene of the horrific crash, he didn’t think twice about getting out to help – as his shocked fare looked on from the cab.

close up shot of silver BMW headlight

Automatic indicators will help make roads safer

Vehicles today come fitted with all sorts of technology to make drivers’ lives easier and keep everyone safe.

One of the major causes of collisions is drivers carrying out manoeuvres unexpectedly and not giving other motorists a chance to avoid a bump. So, manufacturers have decided to take this out of the hands of the motorist with the creation of automatic indicators.

A cab and a bus, stopped at a traffic light on a Manchester street. Perspective view of large brick wall in background.

More PHVs are being allowed to use bus lanes

Bus lanes are usually reserved for buses, taxis, motorcycles and cyclists, but now more local authorities are allowing PHVs into the lanes to beat traffic.

The idea behind bus lanes is that fewer vehicles, carrying larger numbers of passengers, get through traffic more easily. It also helps promote sustainable modes of transport. Those against allowing PHVs into bus lanes argue that the more vehicles that use them, the more congested they will become and they will no longer be effective.

Patons Insurance say ‘happy retirement’ to two long serving members of staff

The end of March sees two long-serving members of staff leave our company to go on retirement.

Fiona, who has worked at our Dundee branch for 28 years and Maria, who has worked at our Liverpool branch for 7 years are both leaving us to put their feet up and have a well-deserved break!

Are more taxi drivers switching to EVs?

Taxi drivers have been encouraged to switch to EVs with the promise of greener, cheaper motoring. The ride so far has been a bumpy one, but there are signs the road ahead is starting to look clearer.

Taxi drivers were identified as playing a key part in our drive towards cutting pollution and Net Zero Carbon because they are on the road every day. They operate in the busiest and most polluted areas and getting them to switch to electric vehicles cuts pollution and offers a safe and sustainable way of getting around our busy streets.

Which of our top 5 cars will be your next taxi or PHV?

Finding the right car is the most important decision a taxi or PHV driver has to make. It is a huge investment in their business and one they must get right.

They need the right tool for the job, whether they work in busy towns and city centres or focus on longer journeys such as airport runs. Whatever they go for must be affordable and practical – and something they can trust will do the job from day one.

yellow flying taxi with a cloudy blue sky background

Things are really taking off in world of flying taxis

The idea of flying taxis still seems like something out of a science fiction movie – even though they could be hovering over the streets of Paris, taking passengers to and from this summer’s Olympic Games.

Sci-fi has become reality – the technology exists, the flying taxis have been built and test flights have been carried out. But, understandably, flying cabs must satisfy multiple safety and aviation regulations before they are allowed to operate – and all the licences needed for this summer’s Olympics are not quite there.

Free Knowledge sees PHV drivers moving to black cabs

Across the UK, PHV drivers outnumber public hire taxi drivers by an average of five to one. But cabbie numbers are increasing, especially in London, where there is a drive to get PHV drivers to make the switch.

One of the biggest draws has been initiatives by operators such as Freenow, Gett and Addison Lee, who have been supporting PHV drivers to pass The Knowledge – an encyclopedic knowledge of the 15,000 streets and 10,000 landmarks within a six-mile radius of Charing Cross – the starting point to driving a black cab in London.

yellow taxi on the street at night surrounded by streetlights with a lit up 'taxi' sign on top of the vehicle

Taxi drivers hit out at rising licensing costs

Taxi drivers want a council to explain why their licensing fees – which they say are already among the highest in their region – are about to rise again when the service they receive is “appalling”.

Taxi and private hire drivers registered with Dudley Council are unhappy that their fees will increase by 2.3% from from April 1. Both taxi and PHV drivers currently pay £475 for a three-year licence, on top of their taxi insurance and rising fuel costs.

50 mph speed limit sign with trees in the background and a blue sky

Speed limit ‘prank’ is nothing to laugh about

Few people like being pranked, especially when it leads to a fine, points on their driving licence, rising insurance premiums, a driving ban and, in the case of taxi drivers, the loss of their livelihood.

This is precisely the situation hundreds of drivers are facing after pranksters changed a 40mph speed limit sign for a 50mph fake on A20 near Sidcup, south-east London.

‘Taxi tax’ will be final nail in the coffin, say PHV drivers

PHV drivers are calling on Chancellor Jeremy Hunt to stop the ‘taxi tax’ in his Budget on Wednesday, amid fears a 20% fares hike will hit drivers and passengers “like a train”.

Fares could rise after a High Court ruling last year that taxi companies were liable for VAT – not drivers. Now, HMRC wants 20% VAT levied on the full fare of all PHV rides – which would raise prices for passengers across the country.