Patons Insurance say ‘happy retirement’ to two long serving members of staff

Fiona, who has worked at our Dundee branch for 28 years and Maria, who has worked at our Liverpool branch for 7 years are both leaving us to put their feet up and have a well-deserved break!

Are more taxi drivers switching to EVs?

Taxi drivers have been encouraged to switch to EVs with the promise of greener, cheaper motoring. The ride so far has been a bumpy one, but there are signs the road ahead is starting to look clearer.

Which of our top 5 cars will be your next taxi or PHV?

Finding the right car is the most important decision a taxi or PHV driver has to make. It is a huge investment in their business and one they must get right.

yellow flying taxi with a cloudy blue sky background

Things are really taking off in world of flying taxis

The idea of flying taxis still seems like something out of a science fiction movie – even though they could be hovering over the streets of Paris, taking passengers to and from this summer’s Olympic Games.

Free Knowledge sees PHV drivers moving to black cabs

Across the UK, PHV drivers outnumber public hire taxi drivers by an average of five to one. But cabbie numbers are increasing, especially in London, where there is a drive to get PHV drivers to make the switch.

yellow taxi on the street at night surrounded by streetlights with a lit up 'taxi' sign on top of the vehicle

Taxi drivers hit out at rising licensing costs

Taxi drivers want a council to explain why their licensing fees – which they say are already among the highest in their region – are about to rise again when the service they receive is “appalling”.

50 mph speed limit sign with trees in the background and a blue sky

Speed limit ‘prank’ is nothing to laugh about

Few people like being pranked, especially when it leads to a fine, points on their driving licence, rising insurance premiums, a driving ban and, in the case of taxi drivers, the loss of their livelihood.

‘Taxi tax’ will be final nail in the coffin, say PHV drivers

PHV drivers are calling on Chancellor Jeremy Hunt to stop the ‘taxi tax’ in his Budget on Wednesday, amid fears a 20% fares hike will hit drivers and passengers “like a train”.

black and white photo of John and Billy Paton standing next to the first wheelchair-accessible FX4 Fairway in the late 1980s

Can wheelchair users get into your taxi or PHV?

Today is International Wheelchair Day, when users celebrate the positive difference a wheelchair makes to their lives. But, despite changes and improvements, it is also a reminder of the difficulties they still face, including using taxis and PHVs.

Bus lane, Manchester New Road, Middleton, Manchester.

Should Private Hire Vehicles be allowed to use bus lanes?

As one authority moves towards letting private hire drivers use a bus lane on a busy route, we look at why they aren’t allowed to use them in the first place, and what happens to drivers who ignore the rules.

london black cab on the road in front of the houses of parliament with a blue sky and white clouds

The changing face of the public-hire taxi driver

Becoming a London back cab driver was seen as the pinnacle of the profession, with taxi drivers proudly memorising thousands of routes around the capital before earning their coveted taxi badge.

Wet hole and cracked on broken street in urban area

Potholes are still causing headaches for taxi drivers

Most potholes don’t look like much, but they can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to vehicles – and taxi drivers are among the record number of motorists left counting the cost.