Journalist’s Rollercoaster white-knuckle ride in a driverless taxi

Some people see driverless taxis as the future, while to others, they are nothing more than a hi-tech gimmick. But ultimately, it is the passengers who will decide their fate as they have to feel safe and comfortable using the hi-tech taxi.

Whether or not the novelty wears off, there has been plenty of investment into autonomous vehicles and driverless taxis are currently being trialled in America.

Telematics Poll Results

Thanks to everyone who took part in our recent telematics poll. After looking at the results we are highly encouraged by the number of Taxi Drivers who are willing to use technology to improve driving and save money.

Telematics Poll

We are currently running a poll over on our Twitter page @PatonsTaxis. Get involved and give our page a follow!

Would you consider having a telematics box fitted to your taxi if good driving was rewarded with a discount to your insurance?

The smart way to drive down your costs

It’s surprisingly simple to save money by adopting smarter and more fuel-efficient driving techniques.

With the potential to save up to one-third on your fuel costs, here’s eight ways to make your taxi driving more economical.

Telematics, what is it and how will it benefit me?

Telematics is a small piece of kit, often referred to as a black box, that can be easily fitted into your vehicle to record information about the journeys that you make.

The information that the box records can help you in many ways including potential savings on your insurance premiums and possibly reducing your vehicle’s fuel and maintenance bills.