The smart way to drive down your costs

It’s surprisingly simple to save money by adopting smarter and more fuel-efficient driving techniques.

With the potential to save up to one-third on your fuel costs, here’s eight ways to make your taxi driving more economical.

Telematics, what is it and how will it benefit me?

Telematics is a small piece of kit, often referred to as a black box, that can be easily fitted into your vehicle to record information about the journeys that you make.

The information that the box records can help you in many ways including potential savings on your insurance premiums and possibly reducing your vehicle’s fuel and maintenance bills.

Get winter ready with Patons Taxi Insurance

It goes without saying that, as a taxi driver, your vehicle is your living. So, as winter starts to bite, here at Patons we thought we’d give you some advice to make sure you’re prepared for the colder days and darker nights of winter.

Many cars struggle in cold, frosty conditions, and breakdown callouts almost double during the winter months.

Patons Insurance – Why use the Taxi Insurance Specialists?

Thinking of using Patons for your Taxi Insurance? With our 6 offices spread across the UK in locations such as Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester & London we have a team local to you.

Give your local office a call today and let them provide you with a quotation, you can find your local office number through the contact page on our website.

Driving Licence – How to share your licence details

With effect from 08th June 2015, your driving licence counterpart will not be accepted by the DVLA therefore, any motoring offences will not be added to your counterpart.

As a result, any points and offences you may have received will be added to an online database and stored in an electronic format.

9 facts about hybrid & all-electric cars

If you’re one of those who really wish that they could do something to make the world a greener place and make huge savings at the same time, then owning a hybrid or all-electric taxi will tick a lot of boxes.

About 10 years ago, the world was introduced to the possibilities of driving cars that do not run on fuel, either entirely or in part.